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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Clash of Times and The Sound of Pain

Everybody has been telling me that I am facing a writer's block when I am asking why I am unable to write a proper sentence right now.Truth is,no,my abilities are fine.What's not is my mind.My spirit.I could not find the roots of my problem for a very,very long time but now I do.I know what has been happening,I have not broken my voice and suffocated into huffs and sighs after letting myself some time to break,to loose control,to take a walk beside the river - not clicking photographs or thinking about philosophy or political theories but just for the evening glow that brings tears for no reason at all.I have been trying to prove myself so harshly all this while,that I have stopped breathing.I have stopped crying,laughing,watching for the sake of watching itself.I have always feared of letting go,of what I could not realise at times.Now I do.I have let go of myself so long ago that I couldn't even realise it and then I have tried to hold on to things not meant for me.I have given way to things I wouldn't have if I did realise I was pretending to hold on,while forgetting why or what I was holding on to.I can't remember the last time I smiled because there was a breeze that calmed down the storm,there was darkness that appealed to me,there was someone inside,someone who's always been there,who elated me,got my words out of me,got my fingers draw patterns,got this world look unworldly and earthy.
The evening is near,the windows are all closed and I am listening to 'Wish You Were Here' while being able to perceive a scarletly bright sky in my mind.I have not looked up for so long.The blog was born of tears and stardust,so was I,so was life.I was listening to this same album from Floyd at that time and reading 'Viswasghatak' by Narayan Sanyal and I was so stricken by the sharp words,the instinctive realisation of imperialism in the past,the cries,the thrill,the sorrow,the burden.And then I was entangled in further attempts to prove my academic merit and I forgot about the beginning and roots and essence of light and the taste of music.
It actually does count - acclaim counts but what is more important,even more important is creativity,how much we are able to do.Peace matters too,because if you can't afford peace,you do not,you cannot have the means to create fire.Without that fire,at least I do not have anything.

There are a few things that I have been thinking lately and one of them is globalisation.Not just from an economic point of view but from the perspective of psychology.Once the process started in the 90s,it affected our agriculture,agro-industries,small scale industries in a negative manner,worsened our wealth disparity state.It has not done much good to any working class society in the world,to be specific and what was worse,perhaps worst is what no one even realised.It killed our souls,it murdered us in our sleep and it slow poisoned whoever was alive,literally and abstractly.
Initially,I believed Marxists to be abhorrent to all such possibilities,to be an alien-some group or something,who defied chances of being affected and who meant a difference,as a group.As time passed (and is passing), I am realising that all of us,young or old,stupid or intelligent,of no matter which race they are a part of,of every sex,from every culture,from communists and socialists and syndicalists and maximalists and minimalists and scientists and economists and anthropologists and cosmopolitans and train drivers and adventurers and sky-gliders and daisies and chameleons and pumpkins and pleasure,they are all changing colours.

The era demands things from us,we don't really demand things anymore.The era dictates us,the era pseudo-pleases us,sickens us and we don't even understand the littlest of this phenomena.I don't understand the difference between sleep and light anymore,it is getting strange to watch from a fourth dimension,just watch and digest it,without meaning to,without wanting to.
After all,all of us,no matter what sort of ideologues we are,we are turning into bastards who are always busy into pleasing them,with whatever possible,whoever possible.Then again,politics becomes an addiction,a form of psychedelia for some.I have observed this from close,they do not dynamically even judge the near future! All they do is protest and protest and they forget what they are protesting for,or if this is affecting the shitty headed people on the chairs.If you are going to try changing a little,they could tell you to go through some texts from the medieval age and satisfy yourself.The times have changed.And these people don't even know that they have changed,too.There are people,good people,real people but most of them are workers from the worstly affected part of the society.The problem is mostly with the aged people of the last generation,and with us,this globalised,over-civilised bunch of idiots.
Politics has always been about power,it has not been about charity.Hunger is an instinct.We are all hungry for power,for dominance at some place.Everyone is,except lunatics or someone suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar syndrome.Human beings try to satisfy this hunger by attaining something and all of us,me not being an exception,are some way or the other,addicted.All sorts of social media,our food habits,our disguised and distorted culture,our hunger,our pleasure,our hunger for pleasure - everything is being controlled.There was a generation when people lived in villages and helped each other.
Now,businessmen encourage us to seduce people.(I am not apologetic about the vulgarity of this post.)They encourage us to pave the way so that they can control us for longer than we can think of.
This affects each one of us because no matter what,we are all human beings,a part of this society.And they are controlling the core of the game.The culture of drinking uselessly,the culture of the so called "dates" are all just being incorporated.How long is this supposed to continue? How far do we keep watching? Is there a feasible solution at all?

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  1. There two solutions available.
    1. Let it happen what's happening and be part of the mob and creticize.
    2.Try to make a move to change the situation and being creticized by the mob and continue to develop yourself.

    After all it's a choice.And we all go for what we believe

    1. Don't forget that we all are part of the mob,as well.Blind individualism has never,NEVER given birth to anything fruitful.It is not just pro-choice because what you choose now is also being fed to you.You have to be aware of every little element and be you and be your contradiction,to some extent.
      The protests,however,have to be collectivised.Because those who are controlling the game aren't aliens."They are people who have names and addresses."

  2. In order to live together in a perfect world
    need start living as if our world is perfect
    each day look for small possible improvements
    work to improve this small part our world
    then look for another small improvement...


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