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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Mantra To Resist Fundamentalists Currently In India

Do people have to know why should they support BJP? I guess not.Because it is impossible to state one sound logic on why people should be supporting BJP. Here are the main issues India needed a check on :-
  • Economy
  • Employment
  • Corruption
  • Violence against women
  • Increasing religious fundamentalism
  • Clarification on the existence of democracy
  • Human development
And each main issue can be subdivided into further issues.So,except for Swatch Bharat,which is a good initiative (although no one knows the impact yet),can anyone figure out one single good thing that has happened after Mr.Modi came into power?
We knew what had happened in Gujarat,apart from the riot.There was tremendous economic growth,however without elements of economic development in it.This is the pro-capitalistic approach you observe being implemented in developed countries,that very approach that has resulted in an increasing number of poor people in the world,while the wealth really goes trickling down in the hands of the richest 1 or 2 percent! This is happening in USA,China,countries belonging to the EU,Japan and elsewhere.The vibrancy of "Vibrant Gujarat" is still limited to the artificiality of warm city lights and not inside the house of a rural wage labourer in a Gujarati village.
Under attack on the black money issue, BJP President Amit Shah today said government has taken a number of steps and disclosed 700 names to the SIT even though it is a "complex" issue with international treaties coming in the way of acting against offenders.

Insertion : Logically,how is this viable?Anyone got to explain.

#Reason1toResist : Historically,all fundamentalists have been found to adopt to conservative economic policies that are pro-capitalistic in approach.BJP is no exception.

Human development issue has been a decisive failure for BJP.Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, who currently teaches philosophy, mathematics and economics at Harvard University,said "Once among the poor Indian states, these three states which have focused on education and healthcare, are now among the top five Indian states in terms of per capita income, in addition to being among the top states in life expectancy, low mortality, low fertility and so on – that’s the line in which I think Indian policy has to be reshaped – and I hope that’s what the present government will do.” 
When pushed on what he feels the one thing Modi must do to revive India’s battered economy, he said: “I don’t think there is only one thing, but basically there is an approach, namely the approach has to be, that there is nothing as important both for spreading the fruits of economic growth and making it sustainable and to enhance it, than the development of human capability and that requires educational expansion and healthcare, both of which are in a mess in India and it’s not much better in Gujarat,” he said in an apparent dig at the BJP and Modi supporters who have always hailed the western state of Gujarat, which Modi was Chief Minister of until he became Prime Minister of India in May 2014, as an example of a highly developed state which they say has seen fast economic growth, good infrastructure and prosperity and is a state the rest of India should emulate.

#Reason2toResist : Blurred focus to human development.


BJP general secretary Ram Madhav today appealed to the youth to give up the pursuit of government jobs and become self-employed while contributing to Prime Minister's 'Make in India' mission.

"Youth should give up the desire for 'sarkari rozgar'. They should create an opportunity for a job for themselves and also employ ten other youth," the BJP leader said.

These excerpts clearly prove the potential of the government to create employment.In no time,they would be inviting countless corporates in name of creating employment while creating a devastating problem every society equipped with Walmart faces.

#Reason3toresist : Insignificant contribution to the unemployment crisis and corporate driven politics

Ahhh,now comes corruption.This is a substantial part,indeed.If we make a deep discussion about BJP's contribution in corruption,it would not end in 365 days! I am not sure what to start with.So,let's start with an amazing thriller which was unfortunately a series of incidents very prominently politically linked that took place in Madhya Pradesh.You've guessed it by now : Vyapam Scam.
During those days,we used to stick to the TV and shriek at the dining table each time we heard of a new murder.It was obvious,whatever was happening were state operated,something we couldn't resist,an event we could just be an audience to.
It reminded us of American thriller movies only to be consequently dismayed that whatever was happening was very real and the biggest terrorist organisation that can be formed in the world,in a country,the state operated terrorism was claiming lives after lives.You can read te list of 43 people who died unnatural deaths,either in road mishaps or due to drug reaction in a period of 7-10 days here.

#Reason4toresist : Endless scams.ENDLESS.No more to say.

There is something interesting here.There is an entire Twitter account having 11.7K tweets only on the list of scams BJP has been involved in!!! You can visit the account here.

Recorded rape cases in India account to 33,764 rapes in 2014 itself and who knows how many more.West Bengal has been ranked #1 in terms of being unsafe for women,thanks to Ms.Mamata Banerjee.Her little boys "get a little naughty at times."

In an article written at Main Stream Weekly,here is how journalist Pallavi Borgohain comprehends Modi's misogynistic attributes.
It has been said,"A lot of these apprehensions are being raised because of the character of the BJP’s campaign. It has elevated Modi to the position of a family patriarch who now intends to make a comeback and correct the problems within the immediate family (that is, the BJP) and also within the wider kin network (that is, the Hindu Rashtra). It is these manifestations of overt support to the patriarchal ideologies of the family patriarch, that is, the father, the idea of masculinist protection and resort to legitimate violence time and again that makes it difficult for someone like me to accept and welcome the much-awaited, anticipated and feared electoral victory of Narendra Modi."
I would encourage a read of this precious article here.

#Reason4toresist : Patriarchal dominance

Here is a video (uploaded by amrutasya putraha) ; unknowingly you have done a great job,indeed.At the end of the video,Modi claims "Main paththar khane ke liye taiyaar hu.",which means "I am ready to feed on stones for our country."

(Photograph Source)

Well,a person who wears a suit estimating to Rs.10 Lakh doesn't certainly feed on stones.
Also,he claimed Barkha Dutt and Arundhati Roy to be "anti-nationalists" ; nothing new,every fascist ruler on earth perceives freethinkers/sceptics to be their enemy,which is natural since fascism has elements of megalomania embedded in it.
Also,especially if freethinkers are WOMEN,it totally sets the ego of fascist and conservative rulers on fire.Anyone remembers why freethinker women were burnt alive during the Catholic reign?Or Opus Dei? Or why Newton and Leonardo da Vinci so prominently formed 'The Priory of Sion' and made that painting...okay,let's not go out of topic.

How many of you remember Modi's visit to Japan? Well then you also must remember that Modi gifted "holy Hindu scriptures" to the Japanese emperor and minister Akihito and insulted his own country taking a dig at all "seculars".I am not even getting to Jaitley's attempts to define what is secular.
Addressing the members of the Indian community at a reception here, Modi spoke of him carrying a copy of the Gita during the Japan visit for gifting it to the emperor.
"For gifting I brought a Gita. I do not know what will happen in India after this. There may be a TV debate on this.
Our secular friends will create 'toofan'(storm) that what does Modi think of himself? He has taken a Gita with him that means he has made this one also communal," the Prime Minister said.
As his remarks were greeted with a round of applause, Modi hastened to add, "Anyway, they should also have their livelihood and if I am not there then how will they earn their livelihood?"

#Reason5toresist :  Threat to Democracy

(Photograph Source)

"Dr MM Kalburgi (78), renowned Kannada writer, research scholar and rationalist has entered the history books as the first litterateur from Karnataka to be shot dead allegedly for his views on idol worship and Hindu rituals. Though no group or persons have claimed responsibility for shooting Dr Kalburgi at point blank range at his home on Sunday morning, initial reports suggest that right-wing activists might be involved.
Dr Kalburgi PTI image.Dr Kalburgi PTI image.
People and political leaders in Dharwad, the literary capital of Karnataka that has produced the highest number of Jnanpith awardees in Kannada, are still in a state of shock and disgust. For, this kind of cold-blooded murder targeting litterateurs was unheard of Karnataka till date."

Dadri man beaten to death, Dadri beef ban death, beef ban, man beaten to death, beef ban death, Mohammad Akhlaq, Dadri, Bisara beef ban death, beef, lucknow news, dadri news, indian express

(Photograph Source)

A 50-year-old man, Mohammad Akhlaq, was beaten to death and his 22-year-old son severely injured on Monday night in UP’s Dadri, allegedly by residents of Bisara village, after rumours spread in the area about the family storing and consuming beef, police said. 

(Photograph Source)

The institutional murder of Rohit Vemula is nothing irrelavant.He was a PhD student studying Science Techonology,who wanted to be a writer in Science,like Carl Sagan.ABVP activists and the college administrative body were equally responsible for his so called suicide.

Students of Hyderabad Central University protesting over Rohith Vemula's death

I would again encourage the read of BBC coverage of this incident.

And now it has come to our very own Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi and Jadavpur University in Kolkata.


Here is an article published on why Kanhaiya Kumar has not committed sedition.In the video provided before,which is the video exhibiting the speech of Kanhaiya's speech before arrest,he clearly says "Hume is desh ki mitti se pyaar hai",which translates to "We are in love with the soil of this country."
Why was he arrested? Because he spoke of Bhagat Singh? Because he spoke of Babasaheb Ambedkar? Because he spoke of austerity??Capital punishment can just be opposed,by any other ordinary guy because our constitution has given us that right.Bhim Rao Ambedkar himself opposed capital punishment.Why was he arrested?Because he spoke of Marx?Because he mentioned that there are people in this country who do not have food? Or because he spoke of equal rights of women?Where on earth did he speak of sedition??????? Answer us,RSS,ABVP and BJP.
Why wouldn't we laugh on a governance when the Human Resource minister is not even a mere graduate? When I received my CGPA score last year,I laughed while returning home.Because my certificate was still signed by our minister who doesn't have the educational qualification of comprehending human resource.


The video has been uploaded by Dirty Politics (Earnest Thanks.)

86 academicians from reputed institutes all over the world including Noam Chomsky and Nobel Laureate author (of 'My Name is Red') Orhan Pamuk has spoke for JNU protests.
We demand immediate release of Kanhaiya Kumar and we are ashamed of this governance that snatches our democratic rights from us.
Yesterday,ABVP hooligans entered Jadavpur University equipped with iron rods and other weapons (not firearms,however) with attempts to attack all SFI,DSO and independents raising their voice for JU.Their number was however close to 200 against the nearly 4,000 activists of Jadavpur ; that being the reason why we haven't received any serious negative news yet.While there still time,please realise "fundamentalism is fundamentally wrong."Go back ABVP.Go back BJP.Go back RSS.


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