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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wishlist 1 (February 2016 Version)

I want to be a sage,I want to be Bob Dylan,I want to be the stardust which we lived as for light years and beyond.I want to be the navigation of raindrops lost amidst the clouds that rise from the phoenix of mystic waves and I want to be the first breeze that spring brings with itself.I want to float amidst shadows of light and I want to be the very first spark of thunder and I want to re-live the sounds of poetry.I want my existence to ring through the reflection of moonlight glimmering in the sea and on lustrous coconut leaves.I want to get born every day,every night and I wish to taste all the sickening aroma of pain and I want to rise every time in awakenings against what's imposed.I want to be the dewdrops on the youth of green that lives proudly in the meadows and I want to travel to the depth of the eyes of midnight that deepens with evaporative gush of unheard
tears.I want to have all that life has to shower and I want to spread this soul to the galaxies and I want every part of me to live through dimensions of oblivion and I want to explore the reaches of the core,in fire and light and illumination that lives within every untiring moment as if it is a firebird with letters of stars that have been burning for ages and ages in its beak.I want freedom as if shattered chains now reduced to dust turn to little sparks that give birth to enlightenment.

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