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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Poetry Challenge : A New Week,A New Poem (1)

Let me admit this : I have been going through an awfully pretty overdose of literature from a month before and I have not spent an hour since then not reciting a line from say,Neruda,Shakespeare or Jibanananda Das.-_- I have been literally gobbling everything from classical cinema to political economy but what is attracting me the most at the moment is my oldest lover as per I can remember - poetry.

I have been writing poems since when I was 4 years old and it has been a pleasure since then! I never really gave up writing but there was a gradual slowing down that I had to face until the urge re-awakened when I was 14.And now,poetry is inside me again,I always feel that compulsion and euphoria and sickness - those who write will understand this motion ; it's sick,it's so awful and hard to handle but it is beautiful,it is absolutely beautiful to experience.Writing to me right now is giving birth everyday.Passion now seems to take the toll and I am not trying very hard to go against my own currents.
I decided to do this challenge for 10 weeks,each week I will be coming up with one poem.Hope this yields meaning to some soul!

I wrote this poem down a few days ago one fine morning,after a long journey and this was absolutely instinctive.I couldn't think - words were just coming out in a flow.


I owe you my horrid nights in which 
I dream of blood and fever
I owe you the sky inside me

I owe you,I know I just do ;
If one day,instead,I give you my tears
Would you not take in fragrance of a morning?
Would you mind a momentary escape 
From gunpowder and the roadside?

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