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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Ejector

"Someone's in?"
"Yes,subconscious here."
"We are exchanging souls,ready?"
"You are are pain yourself...your penetration hurts...we are never ready,off..just off here,you devilish creature..."
"Remember,they call me dream?"
"You're truth,you're real...take off your mask,take off your crown.Come then,bare and naked.I'll perceive your touch,I'll take flight in you,wings..."

Smoke flies...planets..rings of Saturn..colours...spiralling moans take the course..course falls,course on dancing leaves...
Subconscious opens her eyes.The two figures,human like,robotic,mechanically throw around a red ball.The only connection between them,except for symmetry were wires.Wires expand as they breathe,wires contract as they decrease the distance between them - tighter,closer,wearier.
They are unable to get hold of the ball,who mystically bursts into bouts of laughter everytime they javelin throw him into each other's parts that reminds us of arms.
The figures disappear as his flight itself turns into laughter.An invisible flight.

Photograph : The Division Bell Cover
Courtesy : Google Images

Circumstances on one side and death on the other,conscious laughs it off.Majestically.A day when circumstances reach out for perfection,the lines expand.The unlimited demarcates limit.Then conscious who is still bound to rotate in wires and chains between conscious and life seeks freedom.The day the figures converge,death turns into the circumstance itself.Penetration resembles contraction of shy hearts.There's darkness in the light.Or is it light in the dark?Who is going to open that second shutter so that more light may come in?
Who is going to eject it precisely,leading it nowhere,leading the concept of not leading at all?

Ada opens her eyes in wide horror.After a fortnight,the ball turns into figures,figures into numbers,numbers in mansions,mansions in sickness,sickness to call - calls far and wide...her name,revolving hysterically around in circles.She gets off the bed as the contact between her feet and the ground slash and break the last chains of slumber.

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  1. Becoming mysterious or mystical, Titas?

    1. Um...are they completely independent phenomena? These are things that come off in a flow,I am letting them come off as easily,for the first time. :)

  2. Not sure about the meaning being "Circumstances on one side and death on the other,conscious laughs it off."

    More likely is : Circumstances on one side and death on the other,conscious breathes relief, recognizing that for another moment life continues....

    Life almost every time a greater desire than death...

    1. I tried to express that conscious laughs off the burden of existence,the burden of knowledge.

      This sounds nice ; better,perhaps.

  3. ভালো প্রচেস্টা। দেখা করবেন।


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