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Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Neurotic's Delirium

Lights drop and life aside a doom.The door ticks like a clock.A clock is a solution of shadows,liquefying in moments.The moment stands.In tattered clothes carrying a mystic umbrella.Spark unfurled,the fall begins.Until land loosens its stubbornness to touch.Touch untouched.

Sierra Tunnel, Donner Pass, 1973
Photographed By Gordon Osmundson 

Features crawl.Human veins barricade what's real.Ultimates vapourise into cauldrons of footprints,trembling as steps announced their presence,not necessarily meant to be followed.Motion jumps,numbness runs a hand down the spine.Deflections in the air -all around in vainty and sadistic pleasure.Smoke vacuums the remnant odour of breath.
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