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Saturday, May 28, 2016

All That Comes To Mind (24)

The last version of this post had been written SO long ago that I cannot recall what it was about.This is the travel week for us and it's fairly hectic until 2nd June.We are heading to the hills then,a tiny,little escape from the monotonous life in dry cities and dusty roadways.And to tell the truth,I am sincerely tired and want a break,at least for a while.From nearly everything but since that is not possible,we are only heading towards roadsides.And sniffing clouds,sweat and rain.I want only the essence for a while - gaudy and stupid,as it might be.I want a flower crown and an endless valley bed,marking the stark failure of horizons.I want to fade a little,so that when I return,I get a chance to feel things for certain,in ways I never have felt them before.Prominent and engulfing,more than ever.
Then I want tea shops and broken streets and dead ends amidst little colonies.And flickering streetlights,a semi-awaken head and cold evenings.A few cheap incentives (literally,just literally) "to prop up my mortal remains".

And to tell the truth,once again,well,um..hmm...okay,I am writing.A NOVEL.And I am freakish about it while also being extremely impulsive while penning it down.It was,as most decisions have been in my life,whimsical.But I am kind of satisfied on how things are going on
and how a small flicker of a lamp,moonshine on the darkened streets,fireflies,a violin tune,raindrops,a betel,a heap of sand beside an old,used broom,a peanut shell,an uprooted wildflower plant,unknown faces on the train,nightly impulses - the ones that take me escalated on to the roof,the flight of a gull,the river around,movements,activism,melting butter on a hot Karahi,loose patialas trucks waving off goodbyes to empty streets at night,broken shackles,a painting,glass doors,the screeching of tires,clattering of utensils against each other every other morning have been inspiring the write up.This is the first time I have agreed with myself about writing something longer than what fits in a single post and I am not giving up until I do it right!
Until 9th/10th June,then.

P.S - Insightfully passing through a rotten era (we have been numbed politically for around 600 to 1200 years ; and now that we are gaining some substantial practical experiences) and a despicable series of events is not easy.And especially not so when you get to see through the other end of your binoculars.All blurred,clearer than ever.
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  1. Is less we are numbed politically, than we allow ourselves to be numbed into not thinking...

    Keep writing, it helps us think :-)


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