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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Series Post : A Song and A Story

From the coming Sunday (17th July),a series post consisting of a story related to a popular song (or an underrated song written by a popular artist) is going to be posted on the blog.There will be at least 6 posts in this series and each one is going to be moulded around a new context.

Each short story will relate to the song in a striking manner someway or the other.The stories are going to be a combination of Kafkasque elements (absurdity,obviously),existentialism,Nihilism,rationalism,anti-dogmatic,realistic and aligned to molecular (and hence further complex concepts).
Anyhow,stories are going to be stories and not political or philosophical doctrines.To keep up with the posts,please keep a check on the latest posts from the blog!
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  1. Hiya!
    I cannot wait to see what this underrated song is! I love your blog by the way. :) It is really pretty and interesting. I am new to the whole blogging world and it would really make my day if you would have a look at what I do? Maybe we could be friends?!
    Lauren xx

    1. Hi Lauren! Thank You so much for saying that. :) We could definitely be friends!!


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