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Sunday, July 10, 2016

What It Feels Like To Be An INTP Female

Demographically,INTPs are the rarest of the 16 personality types available in the Meyer Briggs Yung (MBTI) Personality Test.INTPs make up 1% of the total population,are said to have the highest IQs (and the best ideas).Women make up only around 1/3rd of men of the entire INTP population,leaving the percentage of women INTPs only 0.3% on the planet!
The sad (and happy) thing about this is that INTP women are the top choice when it comes to cultural unpreferrance.They are the absolute opposite of what women are supposed to be (tolerant,submissive,conventional) and are termed "dreamy professors,"philosophers" and "architects".

Higher Intellect = Higher Number of Conflicts

What I know about myself is that the "cultural unpreferrance" definitely fits.I do not like parties,functions,family gatherings unless they have something educational connected to them (which usually is not the case),I do not usually go very vulgar with aesthetic attributes but I can flaunt totally non-traditional,freer outfits in stricter,conservative surroundings.
Then again,I can do just the opposite amidst a group of teenagers who just can't manage to get hold of the "Indhian" culture. -_- 
I do not have a very healthy connection to women,to most women,that is.There is some sort of a clash about the nature and capability of the mind and while I tend to act snobbish inside,the others exhibit it directly (or so I feel!).
The problem is,most of the times it's hard to relate to others in terms of intellect.(Even this would sound snobbish,I know.)And I know that the number of times I am stating this is pissing the reader off even harder.


Um,I actually know this particular trait is pretty harsh on others at times.The good thing about INTPs is that they would not bother to go initiate a riot with you until you yourself take some attempts. 
But I do think it is hard for others to bear this all the time.And it's hard for INTPs not to come up with new things.They are the innovative people in every generation- and they are very rare - which is a also an issue because they have a hard time finding out people whom they can discuss some Nietzsche with on Friday evening and Albert Camus at midnight on Monday.


It has nearly turned into a trend to bully INTPs - referring to them as "people who build sand castles in the air" or "armchair theorists" ; which is well,not exactly the case.INTPs are people who are debating on the inside all the time.They are people who can't stand sitting idle or keeping quiet.(That they are introvert is again a very different thing.)They are always debating with themselves on the inside.So,they like to take turns and incite other people to react,only to note these reactions for further brainstorming.
I can relate to this very well. And as a 
'fe-male',who are readily considered to be you know,of an abused,suppressed kind - it flares chauvinists much too much that females can be far more capable than them.


INTPs are rare.And definitely so.And that is something they ADORE.They are proud (and rightly so :P ) but they aren't dominant and aren't likely to be dominated,either.Personally,I HATE dominance.I absolutely (as absolutely as absolute is possible) HATE dominance.I can't stand it,I react about it,I write against it,speak against it and my spirit is against that of dominance.Well,since I am the turbulent kind (INTP-T),I think rebellion overdose is natural in my case.INFP-Ts are not rebellious at all,on the other hand.So,I think it's sort of the logic war you have and once you've figured things out mathematically,you would rather support epistemology above anything else.So,a compliment to freeness can be a cause of disturbance,which is definitely so for me.

Rebellion,being an undesired quality for women,is a pleasure for me to have embedded in my character.So,if I have a gut feeling that X is being wrong to me or to some random Y,then it is not possible that I will not be acting some way.

One very interesting thing is that when you're close to asking for everything,you tend to ask for nothing at all. [Ref.Simone de Beauvoir,Sylvia Plath] It's sort of the case with Limits,0s and 1s.You see, limx → 0+ 1/x = ∞.

Anti-State Leanings/Anarchistic Symptoms 

Again,personally I am anti-institution and anti-state terror - I am not sure if that is a general thing for INTPs but I think most of them are at least somewhere close to the latter.The greatest examples like Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein were against state terror,though there were conformists born as well (who weren't conformists then but gave birth to concepts as such) like Adam Smith.
The first time I spoke publicly against the principles of Smith and how most of capitalism is utopia and that state uses it as a tool to dominate and that Economics,as a subject has a lot of lies included,a communist verbally attacked me.But everyone out there knows that that is not even 0.1% untruth.That is empirical.That is LOGIC.
Or,like I can say it in public that Mother Teresa was not much of a mother but a state oriented,Catholic conformist who loved the Bible and its orthodoxy and statues more than anything else.And never really cared about the upliftment of the poor but about Jesus and Catholics and Catholics and Jesus and the Bible and its verses and Satan and anti-feminism.

Derivation : INTPs do not care if they 'hurt' other people's feelings while debating.Debate is debate.Logic is logic.

Grammar/Spelling Conformism 

I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing but scientifically,INTPs LOVE LOGIC.All top row scientists,economists,mathematicians,statisticians,logicians are INTPs! 
So,it's easier for them to use language if there is a certain code to it (the reason why I still speak in British English) and that is art to them.To most INTPs,as I can relate to,logic is poetry and poetry is logic.I love both logic problems and Rainer Maria Rilke and I just cannot compare what I love more.
There is nothing about Fascism in their minds,though.As an INTP female,I know how IMPORTANT independence is to us.It's far,far more important than the basic needs of living.The hunger for knowledge,the hunger for communication crosses the hunger for food or intense libidos. And there have been times when I have felt so damn impulsive to let them know (without realising what I meant by them).

Agree with it or not,INTPs are a different dimension,all in all.Not that you have got to love them or their company but you can't defy their presence.There are negative points,loads of them and INTPs are also the most complicated of all the personality types that there is.In case you're looking for understanding of all of science,philosophy and art - there is not another kind who make a better choice in this aspect.As a female,it's harder to strive when you're against the flow,against establishments,when you know better than most of the other people about where the era is heading to.It leads to a lot of ego clashes.Just like the clashes that exists between high and low IQs.People unhappy with IQ scores will generally blame the test.Not that only IQ is the solution,then the world wouldn't have had to see this day but IQ does matter.And when you have advanced understanding,way more advanced than people 20 years older to you,it's hard both for you and them.
The rest depends upon your perspectives.
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  1. It is great to read the article on INTP female.
    Thank you for sharing this details with us . Great post and very well posted.
    It is good to know about this

  2. Wow, Awesome! *Raises hand* I'm another INTP female (Of colour, too). This was such a good read.

    1. Hey!There were a few typos and stuff which I've corrected as of now.Thank You so much.And then today is Simone de Beauvoir's birthday! :)

  3. An INTP economics student here..

    Naturally, I feel bothered by this-
    "The first time I spoke publicly against the principles of Smith and how most of capitalism is utopia and that state uses it as a tool to dominate and that Economics,as a subject has a lot of lies included,a communist verbally attacked me."
    And more so, when you go on to add-
    "But everyone out there knows that that is not even 0.1% untruth. That is empirical. That is LOGIC."

    Ironically, you later add "I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing but scientifically,INTPs LOVE LOGIC".

    Your 'Capitalism is Utopia' or 'Economics has a lot of lies' is really myopic. Being an INTP, the larger theoretical construct- the abstract generalizations on which the conclusions have been built- should jump out to you more easily than if you were not an INTP. The formal principles on which core ideas in economics have been built are necessarily true, given the assumptions. That these assumptions differ from the real world is another matter. And before you retort to that last statement, take the next one into account. Once the basic foundation has been put in place, with the assumptions behind the simplified (not utopian- the INTP should see it only theoretically) models defined well, complex and rigorous treatments attempt to more realistically extend these logically arrived at deductions to the real world. Seeing that you believe the discipline itself is a lie, I'm assuming you never got to the rigorous treatment, but stopped at the simplified (again, not utopian) version taught at the introductory level.

    I'm not saying non economics students cannot criticise the discipline. But the critique must be academic. Assuming that "INTPs LOVE LOGIC", I hope you can better understand that what you said here- "But everyone out there knows that that is not even 0.1% untruth.That is empirical.That is LOGIC.", is not in itself stemming from logic. Its a narrative that you hold, and individual unresearched narratives arrived at through extrapolation of very limited knowledge doesn't help you arrive at necessary truths. And being an INTP myself, I would assume you too try to contextualize the limited facts that you know to as general and universal a case as possible and from this try and build a model of the universe that satiates you, at least temporarily.
    Assuming that you are a student yourself, I'd urge you to approach subjects with more humility (I was horribly obnoxious about my deductions until I met some academically brilliant people- which is when I realized how little I know). You'll see that your model of the world keeps on changing based on newer and newer information that you receive. So you must understand that all that you know is just a possibility- not a necessary truth.

    PS. I know that none of this was necessary. You were just talking about your personality in general and your internal sense of rebellion in particular, and this was just an example (whose validity is irrelevant to the point of your article). But I too prefer to get into pointless debates in my free time- taking people to a quite corner in a loud party just to debate something abstract, obscure or theoretical with them, or finding logical holes in an article over the weekend and calling the author on it.. I'm sure you can relate.

    1. Spoken like a true INTP! From what clues i could gather i think she is probably, actually an INTJ. Of the couple INTJs I personally know she speaks in a very similar manner.

    2. I am an young Economics student.

      And this post is non-academic,in the best of ways possible.

    3. Dear Emily,I have heard people say that before! Kind of makes me feel a little weird but that would be fine,too. I myself do not even know a single INTJ woman,as of yet! But if Nikola Tesla was INTJ,who wouldn't love to be?

  4. A few corrections though. You say INTPs are the rarest. Tthat is wrong. All data say that the rarest of the types is the INFJ and among the logic ones the rarest is the INTJ. INTPs make up for a total of 3% of world population with female INTPs being the second rarest bunch of women after INTJs. Other than that your article is great. From a fellow INTP female :)

  5. Actually as an INTP female I can tell you are actually an INTJ. I can tell from your writing style and some other clues. But its a good thing because INTJ women are actually the rarest type!

    1. Sounds intriguing every time I get to hear this! :) It only reminds me of the
      Einstein-Tesla contrast these days.

    2. I'm afraid I could not finish reading this article it seemed terribly pretentious in its opening. Contradictory in itself, I'm positive an intp would never display such a boastful trait.

  6. Hit pretty close to home! The part I related to the most is the anarchist tendency. I'm in complete belief that taxation is theft and oppose state terror. That was really cool for me to read.

    1. I do not actually believe taxation is theft but the story goes like the government, in its current institutionalised form, is pretty much a farce.

  7. Oh dear fellow people, reading your debates was like...
    Being in void.

  8. You r an intj. Since intp do love public gatherings and social interactions but only when they want to. This gives intp mind relaxation from the deep analysis going inside head. I myself am an intp and enjoy these social parties as long as our mind is off some work. P.S. we do not debate inside head, we just analyse a point of interest from every possible dimension.

  9. I think you might be an INTJ and not an INTP. Your opinion/conclusions come of as absolutes and not as in a theoretical matter as an INTP normally have (open mindness of Ps). The writing/tone also has a aggressiveness and arrogance to it which is more aligned with INTJs, the INTPs normally come of as passive-aggressive at best. An example is how are very assured of your opinions to the point you expressed them in public, an INTP has an air thoughtfulness and most will only have this level of confidence if they deeply study and analyze these subjects (capitalism in your case), even then INTPs will probably still though their conclusions(extraverted intuition). You seem to think everyone thinks that capitalism is an utopian when that is most likely not true. Most people know that the current economic system are not perfect, and to some level, are aware of their flaws. An INTP will see all possible reasons as to why things are the way they are and how or why they work in such matter.
    They like to figure out the framework of things even if is not beneficial(introverted thinking). INTP, at some level, care for others feelings and opinions unless their Fe(extraverted feeling) is underdeveloped which is not a healthy sign, INTPs are known as the warmest machines for there Fe. Yet it doesn't mean that they will sugar coat or hesitate when giving their opinions on a subject and can come of as cold or uncaring for this reason. They are basically the awkward outcast whom can't stand people, but still wants some form of acceptance. They can have sudden outbursts of emotions under stress, and like I said before, they can come of as passive-aggressive. Your complete disregard of others feelings is more closer to an INTJ's Fi(introverted Feelings), as long they feel good about their decisions, everyone's opinions/emotions don't matter. They have to be in harmony with their values system to have the confidence that INTJs normally have. But that is just my opinion on this wonderful blog you share with us, it's nice to see others point of view to fully understand the difference of each type, and that there's always exceptions to the rules.
    Your friendly INTP or INFJ maybe. (I identify more with an INTP descriptions)


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