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Saturday, September 3, 2016

How To Reduce The Time That You Spend On-Screen Everyday

Well,if asked - the internet is not just destroying us,it's destroying whatever there is on the planet.It is depleting every resource implicitly ; or acting as an intermediary in activating the same and basically ruining man to man connection wearing a disguise of a connectivity enactor.Now,ironically,a lot of what I have "achieved" in life is because of the Internet.But the equation goes like - Wikileaks could reveal because of the Internet and Wikileaks faced the need of being born because the Internet was existent,at the first place.There is a stark difference.Like,usually,we have one element that belongs to the other,parent set.In this case,however,the element consists of both itself and its compliment.So,it's more like the universal set - the Internet is because it is evil (element 1) and evil is so abundant because there is Internet (element 1)^C = (element 2).
Signifies the same damn thing.
Industrial revolution.
Hebrew radicals.
More blood.
...repeat......nth term

To start off,let us get a little content specific,before this post turns into an analysis of 'Notre Musique'.

Step 1 : Step away.Think of moving away consciously.Do not move away from the thought that you are doing it,for real or it will come back somewhere in the long run and bug you back again.Talk to yourself,explain,self-counsel that what you are doing is for your own good.

Step 2 : I have suffered from severe insomnia (and still do) for around 4 years now and since I am a minor and an idealist at points,I do not and cannot think about medication for the same.So,sometimes what I feel is that this is the combined,summed up impact of a disturbed childhood (because basically my childhood can be divided into two phases - pain,creativity),an INTP personality type,a sensitive mind,a writer's language and a pair of observant and nerdy eyes can never be expected to be sweet.But I still feel that the Internet is a big reason,too.I adore the fact that it brings information to your doorstep,yes it does - but there are questions associated with that as well.Are you,for example,even aware of information manipulation and its darned extents?Are you aware of what 99% of the mainstream media feeds you is not what the world looks like? 
Again,once you have this clarity of thought,it drives you crazy,war footages steal your sleep.
And if it doesn't,pornography does.Either way,it's not healthy if you ask me.The notion of knowledge about the first is a necessity but then again,definitely unhealthy.

Step 3 : Take a morning walk.If you can't wake up that early,go outside in the evening.Breathe in some fresh air.Have a glass of cold soft drink,wash your face and recapitulate what you've seen.Either way,whether it's morning or evening - nature is beautiful and exposure at one of these two phases incites a lot of your dormant creativity.

Step 4 : Avoid stimulants.When you get rid of narcotics,such as the Internet (mind you,the Internet has the same effect on your nerves as cigarettes do),you feel like replacing it with 4-5 cups of tea or coffee,which contains stimulants like caffeine and tannin.Once you get intertwined with this cycle,it will drive you insomiac back again and you'll end up surfing the Internet uselessly.

Step 5 : Read a good book,turn on music on your phone on loop or create a playlist and turn it on.Don't go back to the screen time and again.Watch movies in a limited number,say 1-2 a week. (That still is around 50 movies per year!) If you are reading e-books,do not surf while reading.Stop multi-tasking and do what you are doing,completely focussed. 

Step 6 : Do not let the consumeristic vibes control you.Spend on only what you find is a need.Do not read consumeristic blogs,or you'll end up reading them addictively even if you do not have the means of purchasing the products advertised.For example,the makeup blogs like Corallista,IMBB,Peaches and Blush,Temptalia are all bullshit.They do not instigate anything in you other than consumerism,consumerism and consumerism.The brands endorsed by them are in most of the cases,their secret sponsors and they use a lot of bright light and chemical paint on their face ; so here's another thing to be pretty sure about - they do not look what they look like on their blogs and they are pretty much sheepish themselves and are not what they seem to be.Same applies for orgasm for technology.Or apparel.Or jewellery.Just think about Kevin Carter.Or go through the International newspapers (even though they supply you with a hell lot of bullshit information),they will substantially help you think different.

Step 7 : Schedule a time period (and not point) for sleep.For example,that you'd like yo sleep inbetween 01:00 a.m to 02:00 a.m in the morning.Do not exceed this time period.(Similarly,do not sleep earlier to the minimum limit,either.)

Step 8 : Make early plans about upcoming events,exams,admissions,journeys,settlements and other official needs.That way,you will feel the necessity of the schedule that you've been sincerely maintaining.

Step 9 : In weekends,cook something.Work on projects like kitchen gardening or about starting up a non-profit minimalist spree.

Step 10 (Especially for writers,bloggers,intellectuals,cinema enthusiasts,speakers,architects,mathematicians,scientists,economists,painters,poets,philosophers who are not yet established. -_-) : Please keep in mind that this does not contribute anything specifically to your job.It might but there is no certainty.And there is no point waking up night after night,with a convincing pain behind your eyes and dark circles underneath,browsing meaninglessly.Unless it is specifically necessary,please follow the 9 steps given above.It certainly does help,if not make the situation better than it ever had been.

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