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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Query Solved : English Project for Class 11 (WBCHSE Board) asked by Suraj Das

Hi Suraj,
I apologise that it took me a day to figure out your e-mail,it should have been answered on the very day you sent it.
Coming to the topic,the project that I did (and scored full marks) was an autobiography,the other choices that you get being developing a story from given 2-3 lines or dramatisation of a story.The autobiography is the choice where you can hold maximum autonomy since there are hardly any restrictions on the same.
This is the link to the project.
You can get the basic idea of how the format has to be and where to add breaks and photographs to make it all the more visually appealing.You might just select some other topic of your own choice,which I always suggest is better since you get to flourish your own writing skills.You can use the given project as a guide to complete yours.
Regards and best wishes for your upcoming exams,

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