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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Simon Community : An Attempt To Help The Homeless In Ireland

Fr McVerry warned in March,2016 that there could be 3,000 children homeless in Ireland by next year. There were 1,881 children homeless in February 2016, according to the latest statistics from the Department of the Environment , while the number of people accessing emergency shelters across the State rose by 49 per cent in February compared to the same month last year.“I know one family evicted from their home two years ago,” said Fr McVerry. “Their home was repossessed, they went into emergency accommodation, they still pass the home they were living in and two years later it is still boarded up. That is immoral. It should be made illegal.“Every day three families in Dublin area alone becoming homeless because they can’t afford the rent. We’ve got to find some way to keep those families in their homes. It is beyond a crisis it is an emergency.” (Source) 

Simon says,"Can you imagine how you could end up homeless, the course your life might take to find yourself without a roof over your head? But what if you lost your wife, your husband, your child? What if your business had to close down or you lost your job? What if your rent supplement was cut and you couldn’t stay in your home? What if you suffered from a mental illness or an addiction?

At Simon, these are the stories we hear every day. Homelessness is not as far away as people may think, especially in these tough and uncertain times. It really can happen to anyone. It is never a choice.

Simon is a place that people turn to. We are focused on providing supportive alternatives to people living in despair, enabling them to rebuild their broken lives and empowering them to secure a safe home of their own. To do this, we continue to develop services that tackle the root causes of homelessness, as well as providing permanent housing options, supports and preventative services that can move people out of homelessness for good."

Another community called 'Focus Ireland' that supported over 12,500 people in 2015 is a good option if you want to help.
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