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Saturday, November 19, 2016

'Accidental Death of An Anarchist' : Nobelsome?

It was around a month back that I had finished reading this book and wanted to analyse if all things worth the Nobel Prize are actually worth the Nobel Prize,or just the prize,or just a prize,at the first place.

The play is a farce based on the real-life events surrounding Italian railwayman and anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli, who fell – or was thrown – to his death from the fourth floor window of a Milan police station in 1969. Pinelli was accused of bombing a bank (the Piazza Fontana bombing) but was cleared of the charge. (However,that does not and should not excuse the death,should it? Yeah?)

The play is rather a medium sized one and in impulsive times,when students like are rushing for finding a few extra hours everyday,I felt like the read would not 'cost' much.Capitalisation,you see?You've got to adopt the corporate life mantra if you want to 'succeed' in this extremely short life'span',do you get that?We cannot let a penny,a second,a moment fall.We can only watch people fall!We can only watch the drive.You know what?A silent watch is so dirty that it smells,that it sounds.That in order to drive our disoriented,tiny,limited souls,we sometimes need a book like this.

I guess that said it all. 😊 But this needs elaboration.Trust me,it does.

The farce is fluid,consistent and has a certain composed balance embodied in itself despite the spontaneous liquidity one seeks in a play,in any form of theatrical expression,that is.
The show begins from after the death of the anarchist.The dim-witted inspector Bertozzo severely fails in interviewing a very intelligent criminal (that in the eyes of the society) who constantly outwits him.
Now,the Maniac is a typical Dario Fo character; someone who is an outcast and has some access to the element truth and this character itself will turn out to be the reason why you will be glued to the play once you start going through it.It will grow through you in some form of expression in the later stages,and that is where it emerges out as a complete winner.It is one of the very few texts that you feel will drive you to some place,some particular time and show you things,finger point them out to you without stinging your conscious,without getting you pained about the fact that you are going through some external context.It makes you feel like this was meant to be known and now that you do,you are another person and you are so many inside yourself and why couldn't you,for once,for half of half of one time,could be Maniac?

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