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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Big Question is Here!

The Big Question,as the name suggests,is a portal for discussing on basically all that your mind is able to have doubts on! Initially,The Big Question functioned as an Instagram Channel posting all sorts of interesting questions quite regularly.Now,as we continue to know and grow together,we want you to join us in our journey.
The Big Question was originally an initiative taken by Rodney Butler,an internationally experienced marketing director specialising in Macroeconomics.He has led significant marketing campaigns for large charity organisations in Philippines donating much time with less fortunate members, with a leading hand in supply management, in efforts for support for cyclone Haiyan 2013. 
Now,the Big Question has joined hands with The Perspectives,an educational/political blog authored by Titas Biswas and followed by influentials from several spectrums of excellence (including artists who have been nominated for an Academy Award,Grammy and Emmy award winners!).

Head over to the website by clicking in the link provided and you can catch up with the new,free e-book 'Unlocking Potential'.Also,articles associated with streams including Political Science,International Relations,Foreign Policy,Economic History and Sociology are coming up on the official website of The Big Question.Stay tuned for more!

Click here to claim your free e-book 'Unlocking Potential' now.
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