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Sunday, November 6, 2016

What Happened With Najeeb?

It was on a very dull afternoon of 17th October that a fellow activist from Calcutta University first talked about the disappearance of Najeeb Ahmed,a PG first year Biotechnology student pursuing his masters at JNU,one of the most reputed educational institutions across the country.
Well,to begin with it,when people (especially activists and/or women) disappear for more than two days on any part of the world,I do not think there is much positivism left to be expected from the heart of the incident.But when,after 25 days,the university authority acts so numb (and almost pleasured) and the state continuously cracks down on those who are protesting in favour of the "disappeared" student,you ought to know what has happened.
Thousands of people have disappeared in the times of Franco and Pinochet and Hitler and Mussolini.

If you browse through Buscame en el ciclo de la vida,you would know how decaying bones are all that you have half a century later when you dig through the layers of historical tyranny. And now that the fundamentalist,majoritarian BJP-RSS coalition leads the show,we should know there is much more to come and that this is just a beginning.

The question,as a friend puts it is not limited to "Where is Najeeb?" now.Not anymore.The question of the hour is "What Happened With Najeeb?" 
Shahid Raza Khan,a student pursuing M.Phil from the school of International Studies,JNU claimed that attempts had already been made to murder Najeeb by the Sanghi goons and that after they thrashed him on the bathroom floor and left him bleeding from the mouth and nose,they were still not baffled and kept verbally threatening him and screaming that he shouldn't be spared.

The last somewhat eerie post shows Najeeb feeling "missing" in Badaun,UP. A report made on 24th October on the Times of India shows that there had been protests in Badaun and Maulana Yasin Ali Usmani, who is chairperson of the state labour contact advisory committee in the labour department and enjoys the status of a minister, sat on a dharna on Saturday at the collectorate in Badaun to press for finding Najeeb Ahmad, a biotechnology student who has gone missing from Jawaharlal Nehru University from October 15. 

What removes most doubts and most of the positivism is the cold approach of the state towards what so ever is happening. The protests are being crushed down from every side possible,lathi charge is being enacted as soon as people start taking to the streets.Najeeb's mother and sister were detained on the streets yesterday.Unless the state has difficulties in coming up with necessary answers,it wouldn't have responded with this extent of terror,which is what is proving that there is something very wrong that has already taken place.And the goal now is to conceal it.And not let it be felt.Certain sections of the media (including NDTV) have already been facing what a dictatorial,mostly fascist regime unfurls in its earliest stages.

Accept it or not,we are doomed.And the process continues consistently until we form a shield that they would need to have some preparation for getting through.The deformation process is going to take time and amidst all this chaos,we might forget that the incident ever really took place! We are to try for a radical answer to this confusion of our own.In a world were you are FED what you are SUPPOSED to BELIEVE,we aren't safe.NONE of us are.
The constant attempts to demolish the very concept of peace from our educational institutions is not a disconnected phenomena.This is what happens in the earliest stages of the setting up of a fundamentalist,radicalist hegemony.If we are to stop this in any manner,we have to take to the streets.And now.And let this question travel far and wide until we reach certainty - What happened with Najeeb? What on earth happened with Najeeb?
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