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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Battles : A Compassionate Confession (Guest Post By Sayani Majumder)

Sayani is a student who is currently coordinating with the Statesman and we share the usual dorky friendship INTP women might share in between them.We enjoy each other's rants,philosophy,theorising and deep minds.In fact,Sayani has to be one of these rare people I can share the crises that happens to cognitionally developed individuals.It doesn't have to be about anything particular at all and we might be feeling like those waves are coming,we are going to get teleported soon and gravitation is defying us.It is indeed a great experience,it hasn't even been a month we have known each other and we feel like this could be one of the best conversation experiences with people her age (she's 16!) and with women (because we have a stark problem connecting with women),in general.In this post,she has shared her thoughts about possession and love intertwined with the concept of independence and freethinking.

I do not believe in the concept of protecting someone from all harm.  No one can do that. No one is entitled to or is actually capable of protecting someone, or keep some one from harms way. Everybody has to deal with their problems. Everyone has to go through excruciatingly hard times. Protecting becomes bleak then. No matter how much I try, or how much you try, we cannot protect each other. We have to fight our own battles, on different battle grounds, with different strategies and with different threats to our existence. I cannot fight your battle for you, not because I can't but because your battles help you grow and I don't want to rob you of that. I will still be worrying every time you fall silent, I will still be hurt, when you will come back wounded.  I will still look at you with much warmth if you come home after you have failed miserably. But when you will have that lost and guilty look on your face which tells me that you will become harder on yourself from now on, I won't stop you. Because it isn't my call. I will know that this is what it takes to win your battles. 

And I will silently carry on fighting my own wars. I will respect your decisions. When you will isolate yourself, when you will become a person of a few words, when you will gather every bit of strength just to say "I am okay" I will let you be. Not because I want you to drift away, but because I want to give you more space, I would give you the ultimate concentration I can myself gather. I will help you get away from people who distract. I will not expect any answers when you are down. I won't intrude. Because it is your own battle. I will continue my battle ever so calmly, but I will always be there if you need me in your battles, though I am sure neither of us would. After each mechanical day, I will try to be patient and listen to your rants, and in spite of being a pessimist, I will hold that smile on my face, if that matters to you. I will walk you back home, I will never complain if you forget to tell me the little victories of the day.
I will still be there, and I will be fighting my battles too. And i know you will be there to listen to my morbidly silly mistakes and my weird sense of humor. I will do, be, provide everything needed for you to survive. But I will not tolerate recluse, I will not tolerate running away from your battles, I will not tolerate you, suffering alone, I will not tolerate, you losing that content smile. If you really want people to not drift away, you have to confront your problems. And Survive. And only then will I promise that I will be there to support you. Not protect, but help you chose your battles. And even if you don't need help, I will help you by converting myself into an optimist. 
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