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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Demonetisation : The Ultimatum In The Array of Reforms

By now,having intellectually demeanoured,earthly,soulful perspectives on the recent economic measures adopted by the government of India would be a good instigation to your cortisol and epinephrine levels.The way you see the pseudo-intellectuals reading you a little anti-thesis on board from behind the wall,mildly inebriated and certainly a little romanticised,as always while most of the extremely rural regions suffer from lack of means to feed the 23 children in the family,you can't help but slow down and decompose the phenomenon for a while.I mean laugh,dude!The show is good enough.

The common scenario is thousands of people standing in queues to withdraw a little pink note weighing a little less in intrinsic valuation and a little more in face value.When will you ever learn that it is the era of innovations,and innovations certainly mean development through higher levels of monopolisation and lower levels of casualties related to your old age?And it certainly means the government can do anything to you.It might lower the height of underground railway ceilings and ensure that you excrete for only three minute forty-three seconds everyday and do drugs and store up your bones in the attic while you wear a second,third or even fourth skin when you venture out of the door because that is what you are supposed to be - a tool ; a political,functional tool.The method is age old,cavemen used to shave off sheep's wool every year.

Let's get back to the show.I think it's pretty much fun,if you ask me.You stand at one place,at some specific geopolitical zone,you teleport your conscious and you see you are standing in a part of the universe in a spacetime zone where people are running.And you do not know why they are running or if they ever asked themselves the same.The hierarchies have their own ideas,specifically.Each class now thinks that the upper economic class is suffering!This is a pure bred moronic procedure that has been inculcated and imposed and has infected most of the world via McDonalds and Red Bull.We're speaking on molecular terms,see? So,now - the question should be - "Why are you running?Where are you running?Are you?Running?"
The public would definitely not answer that.Because they already are,well,running! The strategy is simple - there's no money.All the old green and khaki notes having a value of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 have been deported to an unknown planet (actually not).And all you can think of is getting your family eat well,sleep well,get buried or burnt after death well,married well,raised well,alienated well.
Ah yes,marriage.Marriage is so important.Marriage is a topic you can write ten thousand papers on all through your life and send them in to all the sociology and psychology departments of the several institutions the world over.And guess what?We just discovered something new!The Hindustan Times had reported that Gadkari had chartered 50 private aircraft to ferry guests to Nagpur for the wedding. He had denied this and apparently only 11 chartered aircraft came to Nagpur, including that of yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Don't you tell me that is not genial.

When you are watching,you ought to be serious.Look around - there are those mini-Assanges (with an A) here and there,scattered for building conspiracy theories on air while hardcore Marxists quote Zizek 560 billion times and logically explain how conspiracy theories are indeed the conspiracies knowing not if they are supporting the authority or are anti-establishment.I am not saying for once that the core anti-establishment minority know what they are up to.In fact,you will be surprised to know that they are perplexed to death and anti-thesis,anti-thesis.............∞.

But what if a conspiracy is really brewing up and something that has been happening for longer than our conscious can recall?What if,amidst your hunger,desires and libidos,we really are forgetting about what is being done to us and the vast 'long run' concept in all totality? What if the basis for riots,for further bloodshed,further cover stories,further nails,further coffins have already been gathered?You think this is armchair theorising?You think theories are unconnected to practicality?Yeah?Look here,then.

Demonetisation necessarily means a serious blow to the distribution of income in a country where the disparity has already been aggrevating for the last two and a half decades (since the liberalisation policies were adopted in 1990). We should keep in mind the popularised American phrase "This means war." while we say everything else.Nothing less than the clash of the Titans,indeed.Except for the fact that one side is too weak to clash at all and is being weakened further.According to the MFA (Multi-Fibre Agreement) that was sanctioned at the Uruguey round,the textile trade of India was supposed to grow in around a few years.But in the meantime,the AOA (Agreement on Agriculture) was proposed by WTO and the subsidies were wildly cut down in the agriculture sector.In a country...err,business like the United States,only 1% of the population is involved with the primary sector related activities.Owing to the huge amount of subsidised financing,however,the international market price of these products,which are better in quality as well due to the utilisation of the latest technology are the showstealers.And the third world is dark world.It's a different century running here.But not now,not anymore.Now,the perishable items will not have to be stored in semi-functioning cold storages.It's liberalisation,you've got to understand - the multinational corporations are here to help!Once we have resources,we are unfree because we might just use them someday but you're suffering from consistent questioning syndrome,you ought to agree,now you need some independence! The UNO will certainly assure you the same. The sad history of sweatshops and Wallmart,electric gadget industries of China and the demolition of public health systems and education and their bad relationships with austerity are much known to us,almost like a pattern.
This has happened before.In the '60s.In the heart of the land of the beast.In the States itself.The public transportation system was slowly demolished so that the private industries could pleasure us a little in our unfree state.

Patterns are always important.The first step is to remove the indigenous population.Second,to impoverish the working class to the lowest limit.Third,poison the economy.
The third step can be accomplished in several different ways.But the best one at this point was to break off the balance.Deficit financing has already staged the so called country on the verge of "necessary inflation" for the last almost seven decades.And now,when deinvestments measures are at peak in every single sector,the best game that could have been played was the mind game.Confuse the population,trick them into believing whatever is being told is real,let them dance to the tune,let them understand whatever's happening is for the demise of the Satan,while chants and mantras turn into godly disorders.We are the children of the rulers,we are the preachers of purity,we are Shakespearean characters - come,watch,enjoy,do not unlearn.And there we are sitting back at Berlin,just as the evening begins to descend towards us...23rd March,1933," Ladies and Gentlemen of the German Reichstag!"

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  1. The related harassment is frustrating :(

    1. Totally understandable. :( And all of that is to suppress the economically downtrodden further and aid the corporate world.


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