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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Query Solved : Asleep In The Valley Question (Class XII WBCHSE Board) asked by Aayat

Question : Soldier is described to be pale but why...???

Answer : In the poem 'Asleep In The Valley' written by renowned French poet Arthur Rimbaud,the poet describes the futility of war by drawing a traumatising picture of a stark contradiction.Until the last two lines are reached,throughout the poem,the narration leads the readers to believe that the soldier has engaged himself to a state of rest.The beautiful small,green valley where a slow stream flows,his feet amidst the flowers,his head resting on a pillow made of soft fern,the humming insects that do not disturb his rest,the soft shine of the Sun's rays
weaves comfort in each of its fold and crease.But in the last two lines,we come to know that the two red holes on the side of his body are actually bullet wounds and the soldier has been put to eternal rest,his body is lifeless.This is the reason why there is a certain paleness in him even though his expression is almost that of an infant's smile,one without the slightest presence of guile. 

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