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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Death of an Author,The Birth of a Writer

The following article is in no way associated with and should not to be confused with the 1967 essay 'The Death of the Author' (French: La mort de l'auteurthe) written by the French literary critic and theorist Roland Barthes.

Throughout the course of the several attempts my subconscious mind has made till date in order to exempt out of the show anything that resembles the concept of an authoritarian entity,I think the last plank has been analysing the etymology of words (and that too not very consciously,either).Ever since the concept struck my mind,I had a feeling that the word 'author' must have been born out of the term 'authority' but in reality,if you just plunge a little deeper into the concept of sociological philology,you can genuinely identify the resemblance between the chronological flow of events.
Writing began with the urge borne out of the human psychology to preserve something precious or to enlist what was to be executed in the form of action in the later days.Later,it transformed itself into the very tool of defying the authoritarian bodies the history books so serenely glorify and have done so in favour of striving human suffering as the lubricant in the wheel of a so called civilization.Today,the press has nearly coincided with the idea of another establishment that simply takes part in carefully blurring the line between the real happenings and a story that convinces people well enough for them to mechanically and methodically follow a certain schedule,have a certain abstinence from anything that links to the term 'movement' and is antonymous in nature to 'stagnancy' and keeps them paying taxes and voting in order to enroll their kids into schools,pay taxes and vote yet again. 

In a very similar manner has literature been manipulated and the intensity of this very manipulation has not been degrading in the recent days.Now,the question is if propaganda is literature or if literature is being propagandised.To a certain extent,both are true.Propaganda is enclosed in history books and history is written by the hunters who will never glorify the tale of the lions or that of the forests or that of earth.Literature that is actively propagandised to distract us should indeed be the centre of attraction at the moment.Unless you realise the dividing lines between parade grounds and broken kites,between mellowed roads and authoritarian balance,between dying birds and season's trends - there is no use of writing,there is no reason to explain,there is no cause that remains to purpose anything anymore.The key to everything at this point of time,in the middle of this confused bunch of beings that consider themselves to be living,believe it or not ; living is so important.And in order to live,which always has been much more than survival,we must learn to ungraze,to unlearn,to unfollow and create again.Unfollowing is not the last step,an anti-thesis without a hint of a solution is as useless as the US President is to the world.So,coming back to etymology,the term 'author' comes from French words 'auctor', 'acteor'  meaning "author, originator, creator, instigator" which in turn directly originate from Latin word 'auctor' meaning "enlarger, founder, master, leader," literally "one who causes to grow".
Later,the word began to be used in the sense of a writer, one who sets forth written statements' or "source of authoritative information or opinion", now archaic but the sense behind authority.

From around the time of the unfolding of the World Wide Web to the world in the most practical sense worth speaking of,the American English dialects have been taking over the trends by storm.It must have been from around that time that we began replacing the term 'writer' by the term 'author'.A writer definitely is an author at some point because it is from her that the idea of the material bound by text originates from but the material once bound by text subsequently does not remain 'bound' anymore.It is spread wildly in the form of further ideas,further concepts,further propagation among one to the other.In this sense,writing is a form of divinity,writing is an enormous power that can be used as much as it can be misused.
Writing turns into a language,languages turn into the music for whatever strives at the core of our so called civilizations.Authorities fade,establishments fade,governments fall,people rise,terror is recreated,the population relives itself,recreates their methods of survival and throughout this course and the repetition of these events in some form or the other,the 'author' cannot culminate his 'authority' over whatever he gives birth to anymore.Hence,he doesn't remain an 'author' in the truest sense of the term anymore - he amalgamates,conglomerates,rearranges his soul food and distributes it to the masses,to the civilization ; posing questions,posing live threats right at the face of time.There is an invincible power in his pen right now,and the rights are distributed to cognition,to universes that live within the minds of all of us - we are the torch bearers hence and the individual identity turns out to be as important as that of the mass.We write,therefore we are. 😊

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