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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Poem Inspired By A Painting (Second Inclusion - 'Wheatfield With Crows' by Vincent Van Gogh)

It has been quite a number of days since I wrote the first post of this series.Things have been really bothersome lately and I have been working hard to get everything work at the same time.Here is a painting that caught my eye a few days back and I just could not get it off my head.So,here goes the second inclusion.Hope you enjoy going through the poem. 😊

Swiftness paraphrased 
In golden strands
Built across the line of error
Amidst indulgence 
Amidst visions
Claw thy bosom
Infringe thy soul 

Back inside
Further on the inner side
Of a man
A solitary reaper grows old.

Distanced in the aviation
Fragmented on the cloud-fall

Rounded flights
Gather calls
Like dandelions in spring.

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