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Friday, June 16, 2017

'Afterlife Revival' : An Emerging Constellation in The Galaxy of Country Tunes

Seldom in the recent days do you come across artists and artwork that hold out a meaning and is impressive enough to hold you spellbound! 
Well,when I saw the "Beatle-esque" tag in the description of the Portland based band,I have to confess I was quite drawn to the entire event.When I played the song 'Rich in Love',which is the band's debut song - my cousin sister who was sitting beside me working on her final year school projects yelled that the style resembled that of Bob Dylan's.
It usually takes me time to get the essence of one's being,so it had been on loop last evening until I realised right now that I have had it on loop as spontaneously as possible ever since then.The style though,indeed is similar to a casual,street music inspired easy blend similar to the one infused by Dylan with a Beatle-esque undertone,slowly brewing into a wonderful cocktail of instrumental pleasure and vocal expansion.This is something you do not really find in the modern times.

Listen to 'Rich in Love' here.

Afterlife Revival is spearheaded by Evan B. Harris,an illustrator who began the project after a near death experience that nearly left him blind and unable to pursue his visual art. Thankfully, Evan has made a full recovery and currently pairs his songs with original folk art.

The venture is quite innovative in its flavours.Country music these days is either all about instrumentals or a 60's inspired rarely-aided-with-a-little-strumming style that does not sync well,most of the times that is. There is an identifiable presence of a certain psychedelic element in the instrumentals,which makes the experience even more intriguing and effective.
In case of 'Rich on Love' though,the progress is rightly proportionate,the beats are just right,the lyrics well-versed.The overall outcome is stunning.As a debut song,this is something unexpected from just any musical group out there in the world.

The only place of improvement in the song could have perhaps been in the throw regarding the lower notes,a little more enlivening somewhere could have got this even further!

Subscribe to Afterlife Revival's original work here on a monthly basis or on an yearly basis (only for $5)!

Note : Press Kit,Photos and Resources sent in by 'Working Brilliantly'. Views expressed are my own and unbiased.

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