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Saturday, July 8, 2017

'Marbles' by Whale In The Pond : Tales of Indie Folk Embedded in Psychedelia

When I first came across the band's music ; which was an event as accidental as things could get at two thirty in the morning,I could feel a timid satisfaction in the way the song was being presented.At that point,that feeling must have been imputed by the sub-conscious,because I don't remember listening to the lyrics at all.
Once I began listening to the EP though,the very first song begun calling for all my attention span.And offensive as it might sound,I did not expect something so regally psychedelic at this point of time from anywhere around the city!Often on extremely sullen afternoons and amidst summer rain,one could trace  back to the history of psychedelic literature and music in the heart of Bengal.The portrayal of "neolithic silence" and "tea cups curled up as cats" has long been written across tram tracks,and in stories of lives of "poets who died in the gudder" and that of "clowns who cried in the alley".Nope,psychedelia was not viable then,Jibanananda Das never visualised the glorious arena of what he was capable of leaving behind.
The only musical group ('band' would be way too conventional for them) who could devise some of that into some real music in the late '70s and early '80s - Mohiner Ghoraguli (Coincidentally,the name derives from the very poem described above!) ; but most of that was still lyrical psychedelia ; not the wonderful work,say,Pink Floyd had been doing at around the same time in front of a huge,huge international audience that went on expanding everyday.In context to that,'Whale In The Pond' has brought out a very soft indie flavoured mostly psychedelic instrumentals oriented music intertwined with prog-like lyrics ; somewhat of a very classy cocktail served in finely carved,old wine glasses.

The undoubtedly best song the album has been titled after - 'Marbles'. The lyrics are soulful,the verses blend in perfectly with the tunes and the outcome is just brilliant.The song was on loop for at least around 5-6 hours and I still have not had enough of it.The instrumental performance in 'Araby' is just out of the world ; that is exactly how psychedelia is supposed to sound in form,structure and notion (Talk about Oskar Fischinger diagrams?).'The Call' is a lovely combination of lively country tunes and beautiful strumming. The casual style and the fade out at the end that ends at the song being played in a radio transistor and the hearty laughs reminds you of Irish bear in a chilly winter evening!
'Autumn Winds' is a nice attempt to combine classic harmonic tones with a well blended instrumental medium.The song flows through you,rising up and down,alternating motion forms,exactly how psychedelia is supposed to function on the human mind.

What is even more interesting is that even the cover design is intimidating! The main cover features a post-impressionist picture,very similar to the style used in 'Starry Nights' by Van Gogh.The back cover elements used to depict each song are intriguing and the liner is gorgeous!
I am pretty sure 50 bucks for such a treat in today's time is a grand deal. (I should not be bringing up prices but I couldn't help it here.) Hail Jadavpur University!Hail thy glorious talents!

You can get a copy of the EP on OKlisten here or on Bandcamp here (and for $1!).

Disclaimer - A free copy of the EP has been sent to me by the band.However,opinions expressed are free of influence.

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