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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

What On Earth Happened To The Author of The Blog?

To begin with,I had been very,very busy for the previous six months. I had to relocate to a metropolitan (which was not one of the most favourite tasks of my life),followed by which was a tremendous pressure regarding the results of the 12th grade final exams and the bigger question attached to it (i.e,whether I would qualify for Jadavpur University or not) and then within all this practicality that required a lot of attention,I did not have the access to the space that could even remotely make me realise the time span I had stopped writing for.
At points,on a cloudy day as today,the melancholia would creep up my bones and kick my uterus to be born.The pain would almost always be immense but little did I realise time could pass this fast!Until now,I had not realised it has been half of an year that I have stopped paying attention to the fact that I actually could relate to the art of writing.

Amidst all of this hustle,I got diagnosed with Appendicitis and a few related complications yesterday - a fact that I have been paying as little attention to as an unhealthy writer and hyperactive learner can ; however,that hasn't contributed much positively to my health conditions lately.I had ignored a low-grade fever for more than a month and an unusual hike in respiratory distress rates for longer than I can even recall.Had my only-guardian-I-pay-a-little-attention-to-at-this-moment not informed Mom,I would not have gone for the tests,either.So,now that a few days before the classes begin at the Economics department of Jadavpur University,I have been prescribed almost absolute rest and I cannot not listen to constraints at least at this point of the situation when I feel exasperated every fifteen minutes I do something that requires physical strength.I have been offered at least 3 full time jobs in this while,got articles published at Youth ki Awaaz,received at least 10 requests for internships and except for one,I have ignored most until now.I have turned more disorganised than I ever could have imagined.
Fortunately,when I looked at the sky today,it was the most melancholic shade of bluish grey I had seen this monsoon and I tried imagining how black light would look for the umpteenth time (of course subsequently faced with failure and frustration) and something reminded me of an urge to speak,to communicate,to note down,to retaliate.
Now that almost everything has started to fall in place and order,the blog will soon regain what it has missed for a long,long time.
Tomorrow begins afresh,then.Welcome back,timezones and wretched souls.
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  1. Waiting as always for your future blog posts. Happy that you are recovering and making your way into the world run by old chaps.

    I would not have noticed any difference had I not remembered a post of yours where you mentioned how important it is for you to not put any commercialisation in your blog. You must have a good reason for doing it now. Anyway, best wishes from my side.

    1. I do have a good reason for doing it,at least right now. :(

      And on the brighter side,I feel like writing a lot again.So,no more unnotified abandonment in the near future. :)

  2. Best wishes for the new life that's about to set in, and also a speedy recovery into good health. Looking forward to seeing more articles from your side!

    1. Thank You so much,Rohan! More articles should come up soon! :)


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