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Monday, September 11, 2017

Justice For Pansare,Dabholkar,Kalburgi,Gauri Lankesh : Guest Post by Ecosocialist Activist Gary Stuard

The recent murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh is another confirmation of the increasing threat the Hindu Right and its fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Narendra Modi, pose to Indian democracy. Her assassination follows the earlier murders of senior communist leader Govind Pansare,activist Narendra Dabholkar,writer and scholar MM Kalburgi, all who dared to critize the extremism and violence of the BJP, including its suppression of freedom of speech and expression, its support of India's age old caste system, and its support of violent assaults against Muslims in the name of protecting "Hindu values". 

Those close to Lankesh report that she was ready to expose scams associated with industrialists and BJP leaders. 

Leftist, Greens, progressives and liberals throughout the world must declare solidarity with those fighting for democracy and civil/human rights in India, as well as oppose the U.S.'s and international capitalism's efforts to seize control of India's government in its pursuit of profits.

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