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Monday, January 8, 2018

Thus,Capital : Volume 1

The namedroppers in the university campus are excelling in their business every other day. What I mean to say by business is precisely what the term is supposed to decipher into the foggy ruins of what is left in the academic space the world over - an exchange of resource that unfortunately includes a commodity called money. Money has an intrinsic value, and a real value that is printed on it. The ink that is used to print the paper notes and the seal that leaves its impression upon the face (one that has a value) of a coin comes with the presence of capital. It is like an endless relay race taking over the world by a sleepy, silent storm. The more cancerous it gets, the stealthier its footsteps sound - the better off the controllers of the game are. Now, who would not suggest God's name when it comes to inventions as great and unformidable? Sure, the good, God-fearing men would bow their heads twenty-two and a half times in a quarter of despair moulded with three-fourths of pain in the heart for not having to compromise it for those who are responsible for building what they term is a civilized lifestyle in the modern rendition of a thick book called a dictionary. 

The bookbinders think they have been blindfolded by law. The copyright auditors think they are sane. The bankers are all the more tranquil at heart than the weathermen who forecast calamities that take place at the heart of the sea. A good, God-fearing bunch of men who do not mean to spread phobia, you see? 

The annexation of land is a surreal form of art - the annexation of an economy, which in turn consists solely of the relay race mentioned in the early part of this post is a sheer addiction to the goodness of fate. War is as deadly and dreaded as leukaemia and recession sends chills down the bravest of hearts. The glory is in the hands of fate, more than one whole of a sky is in the hands of patriarchal feudal lords who believe rape is fun to the victim and the dying child, with his head dumped in the mellow sand is queer and unhappy to analyse his condition and accept his destiny. The good, God-fearing bunch of men are bootlickers of the sort who would sacrifice their hearts, minds and genetical organs before the deities as mentioned in the holy books in exchange of a beautiful dose of a lifestyle they couldn't afford prior to that. 

The armours are hidden in El Dorado, so no one makes a hushing noise when the rampant judges march throughout the city - the protectors of law, they say! The destiny is built on clamour and ice. The needles prick one's eyes the moment they mention their eternal quest for moonlight.The newborn baby with wild wolves all around it transcends the dinner table for the suckers of the riches. A light flickers in the middle of the show. 

To be continued...
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  1. Money is a medium of exchange, with no intrinsic value like gold or silver or coins which match the nominal value with its material value. While money may influence Academia, you haven't clearly explained how it corrupts your subject. I don't think publishers cause this corruption as a matter of real esatate, as this article seems to suggest, so much as their interest in selling new textbooks every year keeps students from learning which books in the library were worth reading. That's where the "intrinsic" nature of "values" comes into play here, I think.

    1. As a physical commodity, all goods are supposed to contain 'value' in the meaning that they decipher. The very idea of this series is not to seriously explain the academic details in one single post! It will go on unfurling its own self in every volume that gradually gets published. This article is not about the direct, solely dialectical approach that most authors adopt in order to address social crises, this was intended to be more on the absurdist side, and hence more dynamic about the description of reality.

      Would love to hear more from you. :)

  2. Very informative, keep posting such sensible articles, it extremely helps to grasp regarding things.


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