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Saturday, March 3, 2018

10 Historic Places You Should See in Florida : Guest Post by Sandra Hayward

Hello everyone! 

It has been quite a while that we haven't interacted at all and I am apologetic about being really busy about upcoming exams and furnishing my new hide! Amidst all of these, I received an 
e-mail from Sandra, along with this wonderful article that enlists 10 places that you should definitely see in Florida. Keep scrolling to find out what this intriguing woman has to say about one of the vertices of the Bermuda triangle. (Florida is one such place I would love to visit sometime in my life and at least be the witness to a tornado and violent sea waves.)

Researchers at the Florida Institute of Technology have recorded a rare type of lightning. 'Upwards lightning'

So,here goes the piece. 

10 Historic Places You Should See in Florida

The cold season is warming up to a much-awaited end, and we are all looking forward to visiting new locations. Although there are a ton of interesting sites in many nations that qualify for sightseeing, today we would like to point out some awesome places in the state of Florida, USA.
The southeastern state Florida serves as a spot to a host of prestigious institutions, relaxation parks, water fonts as well as notable landmarks. Boasting a tropical-like weather range and bounded by Mexican Gulf to the west, Florida takes eighth place in USA when it comes to density of population. Miami, one of the cities located in this state is a hotspot for celebrities, athletes and popular personalities who often show up to spend a holiday next to the beautiful landmarks.
Without a doubt, there’re quite many side places to visit in Florida. We’ve picked out a popular few for your choice selection.
In no specific order, we bring you a list of 10 historical sites to visit in Florida:

1. Bok Tower Gardens

Founded in the early 20th century by an immigrant from the Netherlands, this landscape beauty remains one of the best places to visit in Florida, USA. Famous for its singing Tower, its unique flower blooms and breathtaking view of sunsets. A latter is due to its location beside the Iron Mountain, one of the highest points in the state. It’s also a favorite spot for both social and formal events.

2. Dade Battlefield Historic State Park

When deciding what to visit in Florida, this site should be included in the top of your list. Asides being known for its captivating wildlife, this was also where well-known Florida War took place, starting in 1835 and spanning seven years.

3. Ernest Hemingway home/museum

Remember an author of popular novel, “The Old Man and The Sea”? Hemingway’s home, where he lived till his death can also be found in the sunshine state. It’s also said that house furniture was used by the prominent author.

4. Freedom Tower

When visiting Florida, one must not forget to pay homage to the Freedom Tower. Originally opened in 1925, this building was first used by a media house, then played an important role in housing Cuban refugees during the Cold war. Till date, it stands tall as a symbol of hope and strength. It also represents a turning point in history for many Cubans who found assistance within its walls.

5. Villa Vizcaya

Another great architectural piece to see while touring the state is Villa Vizcaya. It was once home to J. Deering, a prominent antique collector and executive. It now serves as a museum, displaying over 30 decorated rooms. A perfect sightseeing tour to complete your stay in Miami.

6. Pelican Island

Opened in 1903 by the then-president, T. Roosevelt, Pelican Island has also featured as one of the best places in Florida. It is also recognized as the world’s most populous wildlife sanctuary with a sprawling fauna diversity both on land and water. Visitors also get to go kayaking as they explore the peculiar settings of the place. 

7. Stiltsville

Originally built in the early 20th century, Stiltsville began in a form of a cluster of offshore clubs, mainly used by VIPs for getaways and gambling. They were destroyed by a natural disaster in 1965, and as of today, only three of the structures remain. They are not open to the public and can only be viewed far off. 

8. Venetian pool

The largest freshwater swimming attraction in the US was opened during the 1920s. It shares unique similarities and looks like Italian city Venice when comparing architectural designs. It was built in a quarry for coral rock.

9. Original site of Fort Mose

It was known as the first free and lawful community for former slaves. Founded in the late 1800’s it had about 20 households in it.

10. San Marcos Castle

Found in St. Augustine, this fort is reputed as the oldest masonry fort in the country. The fort, which has Spanish roots is an interesting place to tour and has a reputation of never being captured by military force.

Sandra Hayward is a content writer at She has a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and currently is working towards her Master’s thesis. Sandra is a passionate traveler, and during 2017 she has visited more than 12 countries. She shares her experience from traveling in her valuable articles, posting them on a personal web page.

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