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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Maati ki Gudiya : A Beautiful Song by Rashmeet Kaur - A Stand Against Child Marriage in India

For years now, as the Bollywood industry has been growing, the focus has been intricately laid on thrilling, masala songs rather than some real music. As a result, Indie musicians - or those who wanted to experiment with contemporary styles have always been exempted from the arena of mainstream focus. Only recently have we seen a drastic change in how the scenario for musicians from different genres have been taking over the industry. Globalisation does have some boons attached to itself, then.

'Maati Ki Gudiya' literally means 'terracotta doll'. The rhetoric in the title directly infuses into the understanding of the listener an earthly feeling coupled with a tingling sensation of fragileness - as if something is about to be hurt, as if those who deserve the glory would soon be bereft of their share of it. That is what the song is exactly about. It talks about the discrimination that persists in India regarding the child marriage issue. An estimated 27% of women are married before they are even 18 years old!

The touching lyrics of the song, coupled with Rashmeet's substantial musical (and aesthetic) appeal makes this performance an utter delight to both the eyes and ears. Priyanka's (cast as Gudiya) gullible and bright smile is a visual treat, too. 

Rashmeet's voice has got a sultry touch, and is equally earthly and convincingly sweet at the same time. Her involvement with the ambiance of the concept and the stunning videography
makes this a must watch for everyone - from all age groups, regardless of specific musical tastes. The curvature of the serene hills of Himachal Pradesh, the gravitational thrill at the bend of the roads, the sunshine, little Gudiya and the sweetness of it all is exceptionally delightful. The composition is neat and no-nonsensical at its very best, the undertoned instrumental arena is soothing.More wonderful music is on their way and if this continues, India would soon perceive a gallant change in its musical scenario, on an extremely positive note.

Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post. However, views expressed are of my own and honest at their very best.
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