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Friday, March 9, 2018

On The Onset of the Journey from Leningrad to Kurseong : Why The Fight Must Go On

The state election result of Tripura has left us bewildered in shock, leaving us to only question the very planks of Bourgeoisie democracy in India. The corollary could be that not only is the system wildly dysfunctional, but the very attempt of conduction of an "honest referendum" is not possible in any part of the world, given the way capitalism tends to function. 
This reminds me of yet another tragedy that shook the world in the mid-twentieth century, the collaborative conglomeration of three fascist regimes that were more or less formed in Central Europe - first in Italy, then in Germany and lastly in Spain. The only difference visible to the naked eye would be that there is a beautiful, glossy veil to apparently curb the intensity of the chronology of incidents that are going to take place in the nearest future. 
We are stuck amidst a situation in which it would be quite right to suggest that it is perplexing to predict the absolute series of events that will eventually lead to the birth of the political health of the Indian subcontinent, and the rest of Asia - especially the Southern and Middle-eastern regions. 

Lorca prior to execution

Coming to what we had begun from - Leningrad is too cliche for a part of the academic elite, and even more for a part of the pretentious elite who can live off an entire lifetime succumbing slowly to namedropping and dismantling paranoia of a cancerous disease that is often termed illusion to the comparatively logical sections of the society. (The university I am currently pursuing my degree in Economics from is a glorious example of the context mentioned.) In the long run, your thought processing mechanism is bound to be maligned by creatures of both kinds - so-called radical extremist leftists, and so-called 'independents'/anarchists/nothingness poured into a lonely body and free mind/etcetera/etcetera. 

Shambunath Raigar, who was filmed burning a Muslim man alive.
(Source: India Today)

 Neither does breaking off the statue of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee in response to RSS's consistent attacks on Lenin's statues in Tripura, followed by the attack on Ambedkar's statue in Uttar Pradesh and Periyar Ramaswami's statue in Tamil Nadu signify any form of constructive resistance, nor does it affect the common man's gesture in everyday life. Gandhi's path might not be the right one, not even close to the right one - but a bunch of man-children rushing to break off statues across the 'nation' is nothing but tomfoolery in times like this. The reason that we are failing, consistently and constantly failing to actually put up some serious form of resistance, sow the seeds of active conscious into the minds of people surely does have links to how capital has learnt to hide itself within your shirt pocket to the question of sexual pleasure and randomness in the pattern of insomnia. But what we often forget is that the reason is not just capital, or just feudalism, or the justification of any of their respective presence in the history of our civilization. The reason, is also that we are playing the same role in reciprocating the kind of manhandling we are subject to in our daily lives, in every sphere - and especially the political strata concerned. 
The north-eastern part of India, including the northern part of West Bengal, has sublimely suppressed the demand for Gorkhaland. If you carefully observe, you would still notice the frugal ignorance that we subject the crisis to. That it always is an add-on, an 'extra' in the little space of debate we exist in itself is enough incentive to exclude an eminently important part of what should have been of immediate concern. 
There is another problem with the philosopical justification of 'nothingness'. First of all, there is no nothingness that has nothing to do with escape. An escape from the situation you are forced to be captured and tortured by your bipolarity might be painful, but the solution to that cannot be swinging a pendulum in mid-air. If you have to do something, do it. If you have to stand up when you want to stand up despite all other conditions holding you back, stand up and speak. This part of your conscious, no matter how many times have been marred by Stalinists, Gandhians, the upper class elite, radicals who would suggest theory has been dead (and others) have not bathed in the blood of the epic list of dead poets, musicians, authors, journalists and even academicians and bloggers the world over. Theory is important, but not the end of the world. If you end up smoking weed and painting absolutely breathtaking material while doing nothing about what time demands from you, you, unfortunately, are not a part of what struggle constitutes, and what in turn constitutes struggle. 

(Source : Live Law)

The partisan movement might not be the ultimate answer and a means of preference for several people who want to have a say about the situation without giving in to the steady hypnotism an EVM could create. But what must not be forgotten is the crisis that could be created regarding the EVM as well, what must not be forgotten is that as long as the bourgeoisie democracy is existent, the fight has to go on, be it inside the parliament or outside on the streets. You do not necessarily even have to be a part of the liberal democratic left in order to have a stand, but you must have a stand. You must know that students struggling against ABVP, RSS, BJP and the rest of the Sanghis, or the Mujahideen or the radical Zionists are protestors above any creed or colour. You must know that Gramsci failed in unification, the pain of failure floods every page of 'The Prison Notebooks', but you must know that 'The Prison Notebooks' were written. You must know, that Julius Fuchik voiced himself until death. You must know Bhagat Singh's last wish was to go through the 'Das Kapital', you must know RSS played a lead role in sustaining the British Raj and they ain't no nationalists. You must know that you must know that you are not being able to know. You must know that the struggle is a culmination of the struggle for knowledge, for freedom, for unity against the fascists. You must know Salvador Allende and you must know that Joan Jara continued to author the legacy of Victor Jara, the details of the torture, the intricate terror of what led to his death. You must know, Moloyshree Hashmi went on to complete the staging of 'Halla Bol' two days after the death of Safdar. You must know, Afrazul was killed because he was a Muslim, because he was a poor, landless labourer, because he loved a Hindu woman. You must know, that he was hacked to death and his body was lit in front of a camera so that the country would be terrorised.You must recognise the fascists, you must know that in times of war, you need to take a side.
You must know," Aagar jeena hain,toh ladna hai, agar pyaar karna hai,phir bhi ladna hain." [ If you want to live, you have to fight. If you want to love, you have to continue to fight,too.] 
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