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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Two Musical Tracks That Can Change Your Life!

1. 'The Great Gig in The Sky' by Pink Floyd - This is so good that it might make you incompetent and keep you that way for hours. As if you're so awake and so sedated, so tranquil yet so vigorously energetic - all at the same time. The paranoia, the fierce energy and the lovely, absolutely out of the world vocals are all that goes into the literal composition of the song!

Clare Torry, the woman behind the orgasmic vocals featured in the track 

It indeed feels very cosmic at the core, almost as if someone is calling out your name in the course of resonance of frequencies. Prior to listening to this, I would never have known the wonders music can do to your body and your soul. There are perhaps two sides of the same story in every corner of the world, this brilliant composition could either leave you silent for hours and hours or could end up turning your world upside down in the matter of a moment in the course of a significant euphoria it immediately ensues. 

2. 'Usignolo' (Nightingale) by Yanni - If there is some meaning in the word 'alluring' and it truly adheres to realistic entities created on this planet, then 'Usignolo' is one of them. There is nothing I do not love about this track. The first time I tried to listen to it absolutely tranquil, lying on my bed, fervently lending a ear - I had a feeling that I was not competent enough to bear the raw beauty of the musical endeavour fused into melancholia in this track.

Lauren Jelencovich performing with Yanni and his orchestra

(Photograph Source: Wikipedia)

 It reminded me of Jodie Foster's fanatical 'They should have sent a poet..." in 'Contact' and of Kirsten Dunst's soul-haunting expression in Von Trier's 'Melancholia'. It reminded me of the Whirlpool galaxy and of ARP 194 and a cumination of Milky Ways merging together, coming closer. It sent waves down my spine, and I was staring in wild oblivion at every other object around me. This one has been on loop on my playlist ever since then! 
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