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Monday, May 7, 2018

Coming Soon : Parvaaz in Conversation with The Perspectives!

Parvaaz, in my eyes, is the first South-Asian band who understand the concept of rock totally and completely and have a pungent, rich Kashmiri essence to all of their performances. 

People who have a propensity of reading Urdu poetry - Shayris, or just free verse scribbles by the amazingly appealing Sufi poets, people with an interest in Hindustani Classical Music or instruments associated with the same, people who love prog, psychedelic rock, the classic blues...Parvaaz has and will find lovers amidst loads of highly varying groups of people with vivid preferences in art. 

Most bands who have tried to form a 'rock band' in or around this subcontinent till date have either ended up making extremely mediocre music or have successfully made avid rubble out of nothing and reached nowhere. One very intriguing attribute about Parvaaz is that the members realise and at least Khalid Ahmed (their lead singer) is trained in classical music. The subsequent blend of 'classic' and 'cult' is indeed, brilliance drenched in spirit. 

You can listen to two of my personal favourites - 'Beparwa' and 'Gul Gushan' on YouTube. 

We are having a conversation about music soon and the update will be up on the blog on 15th May.
Stay tuned, everyone! 
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