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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Top 6 Songs You Must Not Miss on May Day

1.       Joe Hill by Bruce Springsteen – This is one song that completes the historical significance of the day, and is a must-listen for all – not just because of the cultural significance but also because of the musical value it imparts on the environment. Guided by the beautiful lyrics to the strength that fulfils the very air of the people’s music genre, this is a jewel in itself.
2.       Which Side Are You On by Billy Bragg – The song was written by Florence Reece, the wife of union organizer Sam Reece. Sheriff J.H Blair and his men broke into their house inside in an attempt to intimidate the Reece family. Sam had already escaped by then but his children and Florence were terrorised instead. Later that night, she penned down this song at the back of a calendar page.

Although some might prefer the Pete Seeger version to this song, I personally prefer this version of the song instead. Beginning from the amazing appeal to the soulful rhythm, this too is a musical piece you must not restrain from experiencing at least once in your lifetime!

3.       Solidarity Forever by Pete Seeger – This one is a classic song of the workers and people who have attempted to make a change to the social system under adverse socio-political conditions. There is nothing much you can say about cult classics as this, but this definitely does progressively rise like a dream – dripped in fervent efficacy and spirit ; something you are not allowed to miss!

4. Union Burying Ground by Woody Guthrie -  This song literally screams "Rebel!" and all those people with aching hearts and weary minds out there, living in an unbearable dystopia day after day, this one's for you. This one's right here - waiting for you, in a dull evening, so that you can pen down sparks on paper once you reach home.

5. Fire in the Hole by Hazel Dickens - This is a basic, wonderfully pungent, spirited piece that represents the age-old crises of miner workers across the world. Dickens has done an amazing job with the whole-hearted performance and you certainly wouldn't like to miss a woman performing like that - it clearly lets you see how a soaring crowd could instantly enliven for and because of music.

6. Spancill Hill by The Dubliners - This is not exactly a 'May Day song', from a conservative radical perspective. But this one depicts the pain of forced conscription of an Irish
man by the British during the resistance phase and brings out the empty lives these workers were compelled to live, exempted access from their homeland, detached from their loved ones. The Dubliners giving it shape and form and spiritual efficacy is one hell of an experience to the heart, soul and mind. 

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