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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Are 'Psy Ops' replacing Humanities and Social Sciences?

There is no other way to state the fact as directly. The American state machinery is filled with liars. You're taught deception and adaptabilities to attributes related to the same which includes notions, such as how you are supposed to outsmart the portrayal of genocide into more of an arcading platform, more like simulation hypothesis than say distant, irrelevant things such as real-life crises. 
Now, the question is, even if we admit that movies including 'The Hurt Locker', and Sylvester Stallone's big break in the 'First Blood Series' are absolutely reflection of modern hypocrisy and idiocy intertwined into a single entity, just imagine the mass who enjoyed and admitted enjoying these films, and re-discovered the American dream in blood, terror and illegal, illegitimate geopolitical annexation and imperialism concealed in a veil that is not so easily recognisable. Now, how many people would conform to Socrates' "I know that I do not know." in a nation flocked with no-it-alls who can't do away with more liberalism than what comes with real life materialisation of A-rated movies. 

Now, how many of you have actually managed to face the terror of alienation as a sarcastic intellectual? If you statistically measure the increasing number of 'dumbed' people criticising the urge to know, criticising the inquisition in knowledge, criticising curiosity, you should know you are going the right way. And this kind of alienation is as much collective3 in nature as it can be linked to individualism! How can you imagine being 'alienated' if 'the others' are not existent at the first place? The PEW research regarding Americans reading books blew my mind (perhaps neurotic people should now learn to take things easy). It claimed that one out of every four Americans hasn't gone through a single book in the past year or in their entire lifetimes! 

In the textbooks that we go through, the syllabus is often way too comprehensive to not let us know, or to ignore what has been engraved way beyond the ink and prints. The essence of a book must be philosophically analysed before the content is judged - which is the only way the content can be judged, again. But beginning from the tender age of fifteen-sixteen, we are pushed onto the verge of a shadowed tale of missing chronology. And what is even scarier is that we do not know, and we do not know that we do not know. We do not know the whole truth about Saddam Hussain, we do not know the much about the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, we do not know much about Bashar-Al-Assad, we do not know the truth behind the fundings of the ammunition used by ISIS and the mechanism of the atrocities committed by them. We only know of 'Islamic terrorism', signifying some collective noun that is linked with terms including Afghanistan, Kashmir, Hamas, Gaza, Fatah, Aleppo, Syria, ISIS, Kurds, Murder, Terrorism, Terrorism, Terrorism.....∞. 

The role played by the states together with the education system as a whole is creating a void of both necessary information, factual evidence which together creates the thrust required to make people think in the era of numbness. It is as if the psychological warfare
has crossed all boundaries after being channelised through our nerves, deep into the compartments that produce cognition, which influences the very understanding of our own versions of reality and the reality that truly encompasses us within itself. 
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