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Thursday, November 17, 2016

About Me (Updated)

I am Titas,an honestly weird girl born on 15th June,1999 from West Bengal,India.First of all,I am a student and a big nerd.I am passionate about Maths,Economics,Social Sciences,Literature.I am a freethinking leftist and basically believe in somewhat of a combination of socialism,anarchism and rationalism.I am not a hardcore Marxist but I find a part of his work quite substantial.On a similar note,I believe in Secular Humanism and Liberal Feminism.
I started this blog when I was fourteen years,three months,eighteen days old on 3rd October,2013.Besides academics,I am interested in Music (mainly of the contemporary kind though I listen to almost all types I am capable of understanding besides having primary knowledge of Indian Classical Music and playing a Keyboard.).I love Photography,Travelling and I have a certain liking for solitude and have a very introvert nature along with an inability to mingle all too well socially.
This year I have my passed my CBSE Class X board examinations with a Non-upgraded CGPA 10 and I always had an aim of getting a CGPA 10 since Class IX.Finally,I huffed my sighs of relief on 28th May,2015. My next academic target is to score at least above 95% in my Higher Secondary Examinations (Now that I have shifted to West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education Board.).
I am passionate about blogging and writing in general.In fact,I think I have spent half my life writing things! Even when I am in a terrible mood,I can write.
I had no idea that the blog would receive as much acclaim as it has when I first started writing.In fact,as the saying goes,I was whimsical about the entire concept to begin with!I was studying World Wars then (something that ultimately pushed me to take up Economics with Maths as my combination) and listening to a lot of Pink Floyd and my perceptions about everything from toothbrushes to Caluculus had begun to change.And I started literally surviving on literature,social sciences,music and logic.And my hunger about knowing EVERYTHING I could just went on increasing.I had grave difficulties in communicating with people even further and I realised I was somewhat of a creature who couldn't agree blindly (I didn't know what was conformism back then,so I couldn't say non-conformist.) ; so,I decided to tread my own way,write with some seriousness while concentrating as much as necessary on Academic goals.
By June 2015,a few artists (musicians,basically) had started following @blogperspective on Twitter and I was - a little surprised about the blog being read by (real,established) individuals,after all.And then I have no idea what happened.But when I was back to my senses,I realised I had interacted with Noam Chomsky,several other scientists and philosophers,collected enough guest articles,collaborated with these personalities and from artists who had won Grammy awards to leaders,magazines,show hosts,actors and authors - to a great lady who been nominated for an Academy Award (besides winning a Grammy) were following the blog!And there I was,completely bewildered - thoroughly doubtful about what was it that was happening.The list has been growing ever since and the blog has been read in 181 countries till date (there are a total of 196 countries in the world - so I do not know what to say on that at all) and the number of views on my Google+ is heading towards 1 million.

I am not the conventional form of anything at all.In fact,you will hardly find similarities with the criteria I have mentioned above.I am generally very straight spoken about certain issues but much too introverted to talk about my own self.I do not believe in the popular culture most of this generation believes in and I am not someone for whom being an adolescent is an imagined form of boring fantasy which consists of the huge number of popular friends,the prince in the story and a dream of driving a BMW one day.
I dream to be a sociologist,a professor someday and I have partial faith in existentialism,so of course I want to write my own story.

Going by the Meyer Briggs Jung test,I represnt a INTP-T (a culmination of personality traits exhibited by a mere 3% in the entire population and generally*supposedly* consisting of intellect and high intellectual quotient.)
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  1. (Paraphrasing A.C. Clarke) I'm too an INTP(T), and INTPs are said to question the existence of their INTP-labelling among others like that leads to it -the MBTI system (after all, where's consistent-with-that-we-know-so-far facts for its corroboration or even the statistics) ... and the primary reaction I had browsing/ sampling your blog is that you may be anything but a nerd: at all probable a lerd.

    As you are from India, may you check this, in the light of your opinions, and ... mostly opinions:

    Good Day!

    1. INTP (T) refers to INTP (Thinkers) whereas INTP - T denotes Turbulent.
      Then again,once you've called yourself Ustinov,the other times Andrew and yet again as "Anonymous" ; your Google+ shows Knon Anon.I am confused!
      And whose words.....Chetan Bhagat?! I would take YOUR words with some weight than his.For whoever's sake,dear (accepting that YOU - Ustinov,Andrew and Knon Anon are/is an INTP(T) ).Chetan is a great example of how an IIT-ian can be dumb.

  2. Utopayuschiy i za solominku khvatayetsya: Three arguments to the straw:

    1> For the seeming guilt by association: I’m one from here:, and the reply isn’t mine, though I wonder if the author understands its irony! I used my defunct g-plus a/c (Knon Anon) as your blog, as commenting on most blog do not work well with the tor-browser.

    2> I think, one doesn’t necessarily have to buy into a person/ organization to appreciate his/her/its arguments, however inane the person/ group may be or is. Save us from ‘lerds’ still tastes apt to my impressions, to your blog, and I came it upon by chance.

    3> Given the lack of credibility either by rest of the body of established facts/ factoids (say Barnum Effect, or say, if validated, then works based on Lövheim cube of emotion etc.) of psychology or even the statistics of the it, engaging to discuss any further on MBTI system regards to INTP etc. is pointless. I simply mentioned it as I once took such tests, -like most of us can happily mention some ‘characteristics’ of our so-called sun sign- and I had this in mind (with the pinch of the thoughts above): Here are some funny alts of INTP - Inadvertently Net Trapped Person, Inherent Need to Perfect, Incorrigibly Nagging (in) Thinking/ Thoughts Perhaps…

    Good Day/night!

    1. Okay!
      Um...Suggestion 1 - Please go through Amrita Pritam,Tagore,Arundhati Roy and others who are worth reading.Do not go through Chetan Bhagat.Trust me,the entire intelligentsia and even the part of the population with little bit of grey matter inside their head won't be able to afford that dreary experience.I have been through Chetan Bhagat in my early teens and I know what extent of bogus stuff he can write at once.He's an exception,someone you can research about for pretending to be so,so dumb.

      Second thing - that test suited all of the people I know who have been through it.We were surprised by how accurate it was.And honestly,statistics and natural sciences are nothing like astrology.Thanks for stopping by,anyway.

      And thank you for that link,that is helpful. :)

      Good Day!

  3. 遇到任何難題,交給台達,讓我們成為您最強大的力量,協助您將任何問題,化為最圓滿的結局。


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