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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Query Solved : English Project for Class 11 (WBCHSE Board) asked by Suraj Das

Hi Suraj,
I apologise that it took me a day to figure out your e-mail,it should have been answered on the very day you sent it.
Coming to the topic,the project that I did (and scored full marks) was an autobiography,the other choices that you get being developing a story from given 2-3 lines or dramatisation of a story.The autobiography is the choice where you can hold maximum autonomy since there are hardly any restrictions on the same.
This is the link to the project.
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#StopArmingSaudi - Call your senators right now!

The Saudi Coalition, backed by the U.S, has committed a multitude of war crimes in Yemen killing thousands of innocent civilians. The Senate and House are taking action by putting forth legislation to stop the current $1.15 billion US weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. There must be consequences for the atrocities committed by Saudi Arabia.  The US must not continue to participate by providing more weapons to the Saudi government.     
There is an extremely important vote in the Senate this afternoon to block the current $1.15 billion weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.  Call your Senators NOW at (202) 224-3121 to tell them that you support SJ Resolution 39 blocking this sale.  

Based on what we've learned from our allies who have been working tirelessly to support and move legislation in Congress, we believe that a vote could reach the Senate floor as early as this afternoon (Wednesday).


Your Senator has a rare opportunity to stop this inhumane war profiteering which is soaked in the blood of thousands of innocent Yemenis. Those on Capitol Hill need to know that you are watching, that we are watching, and we will hold them accountable for their position on this uncontroversial issue.

Join others around the country by picking up your phone now to call the US Capitol Switchboard : (202) 224-3121. Their system will assist you in reaching your Senators and Congressperson.
You can go to the US Senate website to find out more information on your senator before calling!
You can read more about what's going on in the Senate and House here,"Bid to block U.S. arms sale to Saudis faces tough opposition" (Reuters, 9/20/16).
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

David and Goliath : Guest Post by John Mulligan

David and Goliath

Michael Henderson, in 2014, wrote an article for the Spectator magazine. The heading of the article reads “Why Ken Loach hasn’t made a decent film since Kes.” There are a number of things to be concerned about here. I will deal with them which fall into two areas. The first being the magazine itself and the second with the film director Ken Loach, who, after all, is what the piece of writing is about. It seems reasonable to accept that the author of the piece of writing will reveal to us why Mr Loach has not “made a decent film since Kes”. Well, it is interesting what he has to say and it is not interesting at all; it is surprising what he has to say and it is not surprising at all. To understand this sentence you need to understand the philosophy behind the magazine itself. 
Kes, Ken Loach’s most famous film and many say greatest, was made in 1969. In the five full decades that have followed, he has not made a decent film according to Mr. Henderson. The first thing to note about the article is that it is very badly written which is not unusual for the publication. In the opening paragraph then he mentions one of Loach’s films - Jimmy’s Hall - he then goes on to attack the writer of this film, Paul Laverty. Of Laverty he says (Laverty) “who is usually described as a Scottish ‘human rights campaigner’. Wake up at the back! They’re doing this for your benefit.” Five years before this article was written Paul Laverty gave an interview in the Socialist Review, in it he said 
"I saved up some money and went out to work for a co-op in north Nicaragua, in the war zone. That was a real eye opener for me, I saw what the US were doing there, funding the Contras. I saw the systematic planned violence against the civilian population of Nicaragua. I visited El Salvador and Guatemala during their wars as well. In three years I saw how the US tore countries apart in a much more sophisticated way by cutting off loans to the IMF and World Bank, putting pressure on other countries to not deal with them.
Many of the same US politicians involved in the wars in Central America - Richard Perle, John Negroponte and a whole host of other shady CIA figures - were later involved in the Iraq war.”
 Michael Henderson, of course, does not mention any of this and the reason should be evident. The Spectator, in the 1980s, wrote on Nicaragua itself but instead on writing in detail about Reagan's terrorist war against the native population, they instead sought to write unceremoniously about the Sandinistas, which would, I suppose, be akin to somebody condemning a Nazi who murders a few people in his spare time on a whim and staying silent on the six million slain Jews and the other victims of Hitler’s megalomania. This is what Ambrose Evans-Pritchard did when he wrote in 1985 in the magazine.
 “It appears that the Sandinistas are either trying to exterminate the Contras, or provoke them into conflict in order to justify blocking the transfer of military power to the incoming government of Violeta Chamorro on 25 April. Meanwhile the state propaganda machine has accused the Contrast of terrorising peasants around Quilali and of breaking the ceasefire. President Ortega has threatened 'the full fury of civil war and insurrection, unless the Contras are disarmed.' He needs the Contras desperately. They are his last excuse for holding on to power after a crushing electoral defeat.” 

Nicaragua - The Iran Contra Affair

He says nothing about the crimes of the contras and nothing about the terror the Reagan administration were supporting, the magazine kept this line and so it is unlikely to change its tone. So straight away we see the article about Ken Loach is perhaps politically motivated. One would think Paul Laverty’s work in Nicaragua would be praised. Indeed, Mr Henderson has left nothing out. The article is not even about him. 
“Only one thing is for sure”, Henderson writes, referring to Loach. “Not many people, working-class or otherwise, want to watch his films. Even critics, one feels, see them out of a sense of duty.” The Wind That Shake the Barley, Loach's 2006 film grossed almost twenty-three million dollars worldwide, his 2009 film Looking for Eric, his 2009 film grossed eleven-and-a-half million dollars at the box office. In terms of the critics well one easy way to answer this conundrum is to look at the awards Ken Loach has won since Kes was made. He has won the Palme d’Or twice, arguably the most sought after award and most respected, he has won the Cannes Jury Prize twice, the Leopard of Honour, European Film Award, European Film Academy Award, British Independent Film Award, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, the list of honours go on and on. 
Michael Henderson goes on with other charges against Loach, and then the motives for his attack becomes clear. He praises Kes. It is “one of the finest films of post-war English cinema”, he informs us. He then, like a badly-written movie plot unfolding, gives away his motive for his angst and grievances albeit he does do state them. He asserts “Loachland occupies a world of permanent grievance, at home and abroad, with ‘issues’ getting in the way of the tale. Hidden Agenda was about Northern Ireland, Carla’s Song was set in Nicaragua, Land and Freedom took us to the Spanish Civil War. Tick, tick, tick”. What Mr Henderson cannot stomach and tolerate is the political content in Ken Loach’s films. It is not the political content alone of course it is much more than that. Loach is a socialist, openly so, and he makes films about people’s struggles, about communities, their spirit, resolve and the things the Spectator editorial team cringe at. It is this what Henderson really is writing this badly-written article for because there is nothing in the article that tells the reader why Ken Loach has not made a decent film since Kes. 
About half-way through the article he calls Ken Loach a propagandist.
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Interview of People Before Profit Alliance Candidate for Sligo Nigel Gallagher

Recently,I had been able to connect to Nigel Gallagher,who is an young and rising leader from Sligo,Ireland who contextually,is the People Before Profit election candidate for the same place.A graphic designer by profession,he joined PBP and has been active in the constant anti-austerity movements and dissent kept alive by the party that crosses the boundaries (drawn of and by) institutions.
It was a wonderful,wonderful experience to interview him,aided with the true warmth that you find within the Irish population (and especially within sensible humanists!),I am pretty much excited to bring to you this post.
Hope this gives you some real insight about Irish politics,the idea of dissent,nationalism in the 21st century,the notion of movements and much more!

1. What was the basic motivation behind forming the People Before Profit Alliance? Who were the founding members?

People Before Profit was founded in 2005 by a variety of political activists, workers campaign and community groups. The movement was formed to challenge the neoliberal policies that were ravaging communities in Ireland. It seeks to utilise people power and grassroots democracy to force progressive change. With a firm belief that is society can truly be transformed for the better it will come grassroots political action.

2.This sounds interesting.What is the main goal of the People Before Profit Alliance?Is it just parliamentary politics and the limited extent of leftism that can be practised under the system or does it have an even broader goal through constant social movements and dissidence?

3.What was it that got you interested in Politics and got you take it up as a career? (Or is it much,much more than a career?)

No, we emphasise the need for social movements and civil disobedience as a way to bring about change. The parliament is fundamentally a very undemocratic institution however we use it to amplify the voice and goals of the movements outside. This was exercised very well in the recent anti-water charges campaign in Ireland in which ourselves and other left members were able to bring the voice of the movement inside parliament, however it was the huge mobilsations that were rocking the establishment and forcing them to roll back on their plans.

4.What did you study at the university level?How was the experience and when did you complete your degree?

I studied Graphic Design & Digital Media and graduated in 2009. I was always into art and creativity growing up so the it was very enjoyable.
 It comes in handy for making political literature now too!

5. Art is a necessity for most humanists worldwide. And indeed does have very intimate connections with literature.Um...How far do you think the vividly coloured,secessionist and fundamental nationalism of today would get to in spreading imperialism?Is there a version still left (of nationalism) that will help us to rise against the odds?
Nigel Gallagher PBP

Well, as an internationalist I care for nationalism as such. I obliviously have sympathy for anti-colonial - anti-imperialist national liberation movements. But I feel true liberation will only come through a movement with socialist politics at heart of it. For instance, in Ireland we had a revolution that sought to break from British rule and create an Ireland of equals. But if you look at Ireland today it's extremely unequal - we just changed the people at the top. I stand in the tradition of Irish revolutionary socialist James Connolly (who was executed by British forces after the 1916 Rising) who was fighting for a 32 county socialist republic.
 Nigel Gallagher PBP

 -I don't care- for nationalism that should say. 

6. No's absolutely the same for most leftists,that is.
How does the Irish population (though the whole,without class divisions is not an easy task to comment on) perceive the politics of England? Is there a dormant dissent still alive within the masses against the tremendous oppression their ancestors once had to face?

I mean it certainly hasn't been forgotten, particularly this year as it's the centenary of the 1916 Rising against the British. But there is certainly no hostility towards ordinary British people. I think the left and ordinary working class people are talking great heart at the progressive movements that are happening around Jeremy Corbyn at the moment. And recently People Before Profit much of the left were happy to witness a Leave vote in the Brexit referendum, which contrary to most mainstream media narrative was not merely a racist vote but a expression of working class anger at devastation caused on their communities by the polices of the European Union and the British political establishment.
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Monday, September 5, 2016

Interview of Kashmiri Student and Singer Ali Saffudin

I had watched 'In the Shade of Fallen Chinar'(which I've provided the link to at the end of this post),a movie on resistance in Kashmir based on the planks of culture and education a few days back and subsequently listened to 'Chol Hama Roshay' performed by artist-activist Ali Saffudin who is currently studying Mass Communication at Kashmir University.I immediately felt like asking him all the questions that I'd had in my mind till date about Kashmiri activists,especially those who are like us - the middle class,the upper middle class intellectuals who have taken up activism ; however in far more a radical manner than we can imagine (given the terrible,inhumane and brutal condition that continues to torment the people there).
Then again,they are students and extremely sensible hence.In fact,while doing this interview,I had a much sought out conversation which was more like interacting with the European (established) intellectuals or the activists - all of them,unlike the Indian sect of this category that is so snobbish,are really down to earth and easy to communicate with.I have had a beautiful experience asking the questions and also reading the answers subsequently.
Hope this draws the real pictures and draws in some sensibility.

1.How did you get introduced to music? Was it love at first sight?

 I've loved music from my childhood, but it was in my 10th standard when i started listening to rock music from '70s and '80s and i was blown away by the power it possessed. hearing every song was like reading a novel , every song was an experience. That is when i fell in love with the guitar and realised how much  powerful that instrument can be when used with right feel.

2.'Chol Hama Roshay Dal Sessions' clearly exhibits you as a brilliant artist.Is this the profession you are opting for?

Profession is something you earn money from, I've not earned money from my music, but as far as putting in efforts go I don't see that I expect the outcome in monetary terms. I am studying Mass Comm in Kashmir University that will help me on the professional front I hope.But music is what my life revolves around and I'll stick with it forever. I hope I find other decent means to earn money.

3.Your singing style seems to be inspired from the concept of hard rock at points.Who are your favourite artists in that field?

Rock and roll has been a school to me,listening to rock and roll is like educating myself, I've been inspired by all the various eras of rock music and the cultural impact it has had. The Beatles,Rolling Stones,Jimmy Hendrix,Pink Floyd,Queen,Black Sabbath,Bob Marley, Aerosmith,Bob Dylan,The Doors...these artists have written songs which matter, which have defined a generation, that always excited me , the craft of songwriting.  

4.In future,would you like to be versatile about what you want to sing? 

As far as influence goes the indie  music scene from Pakistan was also a huge influence, their stuff had the rock and roll spirit and indegenous feel as well. That's when I thought that your roots are important in your music and i started listening to a lot of Kashmiri music.One should know the sound of his  land that is essential.

5.What have you been studying academically?

After entering Kashmir University for my masters in mass communication I realised that my generation of Kashmiri kids could never evade the conflict.Kashmir is not an integral part of India.We were the nineties kids,raised in curfewed night and under brutal army suppression.That took a toll on every kid.The Kashmir conflict resonates in every Kashmiri's lifestyle.Every now and then we ended up staring a discussion about the conflict of Kashmir. When you have a consciousness and you belong to an oppressed state,resistance becomes a necessity.

6.So,from 'In The Shade of Fallen Chinar',we get to see how dynamic student resistance to the state can be.How are the students organising themselves throughout?

The way I look at music is,its an extension of ones personality and ideology. I write a song about resistance,a song against oppression,people of Kashmir connect to to that.It's a beautiful form of expression,it also serves as source of documentation.Right kind of music can provide impetus to the resistance and a catalyst for understanding all sorts of things like unity,community, culture and peace. 
The basic factor which induces the conflict is  that indian state dosent acknowledges the fact Kashmir is a disputed territory , the people of kashmir have been denied the right to self determination.

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

How To Reduce The Time That You Spend On-Screen Everyday

Well,if asked - the internet is not just destroying us,it's destroying whatever there is on the planet.It is depleting every resource implicitly ; or acting as an intermediary in activating the same and basically ruining man to man connection wearing a disguise of a connectivity enactor.Now,ironically,a lot of what I have "achieved" in life is because of the Internet.But the equation goes like - Wikileaks could reveal because of the Internet and Wikileaks faced the need of being born because the Internet was existent,at the first place.There is a stark difference.Like,usually,we have one element that belongs to the other,parent set.In this case,however,the element consists of both itself and its compliment.So,it's more like the universal set - the Internet is because it is evil (element 1) and evil is so abundant because there is Internet (element 1)^C = (element 2).
Signifies the same damn thing.
Industrial revolution.
Hebrew radicals.
More blood.
...repeat......nth term

To start off,let us get a little content specific,before this post turns into an analysis of 'Notre Musique'.

Step 1 : Step away.Think of moving away consciously.Do not move away from the thought that you are doing it,for real or it will come back somewhere in the long run and bug you back again.Talk to yourself,explain,self-counsel that what you are doing is for your own good.

Step 2 : I have suffered from severe insomnia (and still do) for around 4 years now and since I am a minor and an idealist at points,I do not and cannot think about medication for the same.So,sometimes what I feel is that this is the combined,summed up impact of a disturbed childhood (because basically my childhood can be divided into two phases - pain,creativity),an INTP personality type,a sensitive mind,a writer's language and a pair of observant and nerdy eyes can never be expected to be sweet.But I still feel that the Internet is a big reason,too.I adore the fact that it brings information to your doorstep,yes it does - but there are questions associated with that as well.Are you,for example,even aware of information manipulation and its darned extents?Are you aware of what 99% of the mainstream media feeds you is not what the world looks like? 
Again,once you have this clarity of thought,it drives you crazy,war footages steal your sleep.
And if it doesn't,pornography does.Either way,it's not healthy if you ask me.The notion of knowledge about the first is a necessity but then again,definitely unhealthy.

Step 3 : Take a morning walk.If you can't wake up that early,go outside in the evening.Breathe in some fresh air.Have a glass of cold soft drink,wash your face and recapitulate what you've seen.Either way,whether it's morning or evening - nature is beautiful and exposure at one of these two phases incites a lot of your dormant creativity.

Step 4 : Avoid stimulants.When you get rid of narcotics,such as the Internet (mind you,the Internet has the same effect on your nerves as cigarettes do),you feel like replacing it with 4-5 cups of tea or coffee,which contains stimulants like caffeine and tannin.Once you get intertwined with this cycle,it will drive you insomiac back again and you'll end up surfing the Internet uselessly.

Step 5 : Read a good book,turn on music on your phone on loop or create a playlist and turn it on.Don't go back to the screen time and again.Watch movies in a limited number,say 1-2 a week. (That still is around 50 movies per year!) If you are reading e-books,do not surf while reading.Stop multi-tasking and do what you are doing,completely focussed. 

Step 6 : Do not let the consumeristic vibes control you.Spend on only what you find is a need.Do not read consumeristic blogs,or you'll end up reading them addictively even if you do not have the means of purchasing the products advertised.For example,the makeup blogs like Corallista,IMBB,Peaches and Blush,Temptalia are all bullshit.They do not instigate anything in you other than consumerism,consumerism and consumerism.The brands endorsed by them are in most of the cases,their secret sponsors and they use a lot of bright light and chemical paint on their face ; so here's another thing to be pretty sure about - they do not look what they look like on their blogs and they are pretty much sheepish themselves and are not what they seem to be.Same applies for orgasm for technology.Or apparel.Or jewellery.Just think about Kevin Carter.Or go through the International newspapers (even though they supply you with a hell lot of bullshit information),they will substantially help you think different.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Simon Community : An Attempt To Help The Homeless In Ireland

Fr McVerry warned in March,2016 that there could be 3,000 children homeless in Ireland by next year. There were 1,881 children homeless in February 2016, according to the latest statistics from the Department of the Environment , while the number of people accessing emergency shelters across the State rose by 49 per cent in February compared to the same month last year.“I know one family evicted from their home two years ago,” said Fr McVerry. “Their home was repossessed, they went into emergency accommodation, they still pass the home they were living in and two years later it is still boarded up. That is immoral. It should be made illegal.“Every day three families in Dublin area alone becoming homeless because they can’t afford the rent. We’ve got to find some way to keep those families in their homes. It is beyond a crisis it is an emergency.” (Source) 

Simon says,"Can you imagine how you could end up homeless, the course your life might take to find yourself without a roof over your head? But what if you lost your wife, your husband, your child? What if your business had to close down or you lost your job? What if your rent supplement was cut and you couldn’t stay in your home? What if you suffered from a mental illness or an addiction?

At Simon, these are the stories we hear every day. Homelessness is not as far away as people may think, especially in these tough and uncertain times. It really can happen to anyone. It is never a choice.
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cinema Script : 'Dilemma' (Class XII English Project Under WBCHSE Board)

I had written a bogusly cliche script prior to this,the fact being that it had an unusual mystery to deal with,combined with the dullest of content that keeps haunting me till date.This is a script,re-written.And this one focuses boldly on narrative cinema rather than ones that are based on dialogues.The entire theme of the movie is inspired from a very real real-life experience that I had faced a few months back.Again,the art of writing is deeply inspired from European intellectual cinema.

Page 1

PROJECT GENRE – Cinema Script

TITLE – Dilemma 

Page 2



Page 3


I extend my warm regards and gratitude to the Respected Principal and the insightful subject teacher to make it possible to work on this project. The project genre is interesting and has helped me to exercise my philosophical and writing skills.
I have enjoyed working on this topic and I am thankful to the subject teacher for allowing me to work on an otherwise unusual topic. I also thank the authority for providing the necessary time in order to complete this project.

Page 4


This is to certify that this project has been made by Titas Biswas of Class XI on the topic ‘Autobiography’ under the guidance of our English teacher ................ and has been completed it sucessfully. 
Yours truly 
Titas Biswas
Class XI

Page 5


What is the utility of a cinema script/screenplay?

Screenplays and teleplays use a set of standardizations, beginning with proper formatting. These rules are in part to serve the practical purpose of making scripts uniformly readable "blueprints" of movies, and also to serve as a way of distinguishing a professional from an amateur.
Sreenplay, written text that provides the basis for a film production. Screenplays usually include not only the dialogue spoken by the characters but also a shot-by-shot outline of the film’s action. Screenplays may be adapted from novels or stage plays or developed from original ideas suggested by the screenwriters or their collaborators. They generally pass through multiple revisions, and screenwriters are called on to incorporate suggestions from directors, producers, and others involved in the filmmaking process. Early drafts often include only brief suggestions for planned shots, but by the date of production a screenplay may evolve into a detailed shooting script, in which action and gestures are explicitly stated.

Information Credit : Britannica Encyclopedia,

Page 6


Scene A 

Fade In : 

EXT. - Riverside in West Bengal over which clouds have heavily gathered - Noon

Everything is in shades of deep blues and greys.A boat is tied to the bark of a tree close to the riverbank where a girl aged around seventeen-eighteen is standing,looking unmindfully towards the other side of the river,her eyes full of tears.

Dissolve To : 

EXT. - Meadows beside Grand Canal,Ireland - Afternoon

In the strange greenish-gold light that filters through the foliage above,a couple walks on the meadows,talking to each other at times.

The woman's name is Mairéad and the man is called Edmond.Both are speaking to each other a little oddly - in soft,hushing tones.

Mairéad - No,it never is going to be that. 

Edmond - You are going to be fine,Maarie.

Mairéad - I can't write.I can't write a darned thing about this cursed era,my diary is over and my days...

Edmond looks upwards and gestures her to do the same - above we see a flight of birds,below a boat floats as the wind tugs at its tied end.The shadows of the birds are reflected on the earth toned boat and then the canal subsequently.

Mairéad - Love,love in  our eyes -  beyond the retina is freedom.

Edmond - And spirit..

Mairéad - Is without the mask and the crown ; bare and naked.To perceive touch is to take flight in wings...

Edmond - Maarie,my dear and you still tell me that you do not know how?

Mairéad - I do not know how.

Edmond - Why do you need to?Not everything is meant to be known.

Mairéad - Then what do you thing is the difference of being indifferent and not being at all?

Edmond - That illusions can be deceptive.But not every illusion is as illusionary as illusions are meant to be.Some are real,like something else that flows through the barley fields in spring,something that is not wind - but moves.

Mairéad - I want to know Ed,I would like to know if falling means to reach the stars.Are their reflections hidden below oceans? Where is where? And what are we? And why are we so limited?

A white,little feather lands on the dent of a car and a dandelion drips slowly into the canal.

Edmond - Drowning is flight at points.Light is itself and dark.What is - is not.And what is not is what is and what's not itself.Every damn thing on the planet is a living paradox.

Mairéad - Living. 

Edmond holds her hand.She quietly raises her eyes towards something at a distance.The behaviour of her eyes is captured and we can only reach at our conclusion from her expression.

Scene - B 

CUT TO (J Cut) :

We hear the sound of old Irish (Frank Harte) records as the scene resumes to a rainy afternoon.The girl whom we had seen at the very beginning of the film is painting a landscape on a canvas.There are Bengali and English books of poetry strewn around in her room.The painting looks very similar to the meadows by the Grand Canal that we had seen in the last scene but it's unclear and uncertain since it is only half finished and the other half is not yet done.

CUT TO (J Cut) :

It's evening now,the riverside in West Bengal that was shown in the beginning is marshy and wet.It is not raining anymore.The dour dusk lights line up the way of the small bridge that passes.We can hear the crickets call not too far away.In the same room where she had been painting on a canvas,the girl is now sleeping on her bed,covered in crumpled beige sheets.
A jewel bug sits on the half finished painting,right on the meadows and a little raw green is imparted to its deep blue wings.It flies out of the window the next second.Outside,there is lightning now and the thunder rolls.

Scene - C 

CUT TO (J Cut) : 

The sound of waterfalls is heard and the camera slowly focuses on the Grand Canal waterfalls at early dawn,when the light is a shade between blue and violet.

Mairéad is shown to be asleep,as well.Her elegant features are revealed slowly,bright against the dark,with a little incandescent light that fills her room,born out of the table lamp. 

Scene - D 

CUT TO (J Cut) :

The painter girl from West Bengal lies asleep as the morning rays infiltrate through the sullen,grey curtains.The orange embroidery shines through.

Out of the several books strewn on her bed,the line focuses first to Arthur Rimbaud's "I am someone else." and then Kafka's "My life is a hesitation before birth."The camera then moves to a paintbrush dipped in yellow.

Scene - E 

CUT TO (L Cut) :

 Mairéad and Edmond are taking a stroll beside the bank of River Shannon.Edmond is photographing the river's behaviour and surroundings and Mairéad is chanting lines of Ol' Man River. [He don't plant tators,
He don't plant cotton,
An' dem dat plants'em
is soon forgotten,
But ol'man river,
He jes keeps rollin'...he keeps on rollin' along.]
Edmond - Wonder why no one ever wrote about a bleeding Mississippi - 9 to 10 million of the indigenous population  just got wiped out of nowhere.

Mairéad- How long can you use tomahawks against air rifles?

Edmond - The word rifle deserves to come from some other voice.

Mairéad - I am not a toy wrapped in silver,Ed.

Edmond - You're a poet,an artist...

Mairéad - Poetry is not silence.Ability is but weapon.

Edmond - And cartridge is but rhythm.

Mairéad - When will bleeding pay? When will bleeders rise?

Edmond sighs as he takes the snap of a swallow perched on a tree.

Mairéad - Waves shall but rise.

Edmond - You sound calmer today.

Mairéad - Like the land about to face a storm?

Edmond - Can't you,dear,for once - take in a little sunshine,let your other part bloom into happiness?

Mairéad smiles a tranquil smile - something that makes the audience uncomfortable.

Scene - F 

CUT TO (L Cut) :

The painter girl is shown to attend university classes.She looks outside the window,clearly uncomfortable about something and after the classes are over,declines a meeting with someone,perhaps her boyfriend and with a stressed look on her face,walks along the corridor as the camera briefly pauses over Van Gogh's 'Farmhouse Among Trees'.

Painting : Farmhouse Among Trees by Vincent Van Gogh 

Scene - G 

CUT TO (J Cut) :

The sound of water dripping from a tap is heard.On a very brief focus,we see the pale,white face of Mairéad,
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

10 Controversial Movies Worth Watching

Disclaimer - This post contains R rated movies (and graphic content) which is not meant for anyone aged less than 17.Please do not click on 'Read more' if you are under 17.
Even if you are 17,you are supposed to have parental consent before you watch R rated content.

The Dangerous List - enlisted.

1. 'A Time To Kill' directed by John Grisham 

From the bone chilling description of the brutal rape of a ten year old African-American child (named Tonya Lee) to the struggle of a 'white' lawyer to protect the enraged father who had shot the criminals in a fleet of rage,the movie is a wonderful direction,both in terms of material and cinematography.Combined with a magical stunt of storytelling,this is indeed a must watch but of course,as convention goes - a matter of controversy.
Nonetheless,this is one of the masterpieces that speak directly of abuses to the civilization right from Hollywood. 
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