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Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Poem Inspired By A Painting (First Inclusion - 'Interior With Goldfish' by Henri Matisse)

This week,we will be doing something unique since it has been quite a while since we have been able to do anything about delivering new content.A new poem in free verse will be written everyday based on one very famous painting.

Mirrored minds
Swing in transcendence 
The other half of a corner
Of distance and desolation
Passes distinctly
In the intermediation 
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Death of an Author,The Birth of a Writer

The following article is in no way associated with and should not to be confused with the 1967 essay 'The Death of the Author' (French: La mort de l'auteurthe) written by the French literary critic and theorist Roland Barthes.

Throughout the course of the several attempts my subconscious mind has made till date in order to exempt out of the show anything that resembles the concept of an authoritarian entity,I think the last plank has been analysing the etymology of words (and that too not very consciously,either).Ever since the concept struck my mind,I had a feeling that the word 'author' must have been born out of the term 'authority' but in reality,if you just plunge a little deeper into the concept of sociological philology,you can genuinely identify the resemblance between the chronological flow of events.
Writing began with the urge borne out of the human psychology to preserve something precious or to enlist what was to be executed in the form of action in the later days.Later,it transformed itself into the very tool of defying the authoritarian bodies the history books so serenely glorify and have done so in favour of striving human suffering as the lubricant in the wheel of a so called civilization.Today,the press has nearly coincided with the idea of another establishment that simply takes part in carefully blurring the line between the real happenings and a story that convinces people well enough for them to mechanically and methodically follow a certain schedule,have a certain abstinence from anything that links to the term 'movement' and is antonymous in nature to 'stagnancy' and keeps them paying taxes and voting in order to enroll their kids into schools,pay taxes and vote yet again. 

In a very similar manner has literature been manipulated and the intensity of this very manipulation has not been degrading in the recent days.Now,the question is if propaganda is literature or if literature is being propagandised.To a certain extent,both are true.Propaganda is enclosed in history books and history is written by the hunters who will never glorify the tale of the lions or that of the forests or that of earth.Literature that is actively propagandised to distract us should indeed be the centre of attraction at the moment.Unless you realise the dividing lines between parade grounds and broken kites,between mellowed roads and authoritarian balance,between dying birds and season's trends - there is no use of writing,there is no reason to explain,there is no cause that remains to purpose anything anymore.The key to everything at this point of time,in the middle of this confused bunch of beings that consider themselves to be living,believe it or not ; living is so important.And in order to live,which always has been much more than survival,we must learn to ungraze,to unlearn,to unfollow and create again.Unfollowing is not the last step,an anti-thesis without a hint of a solution is as useless as the US President is to the world.So,coming back to etymology,the term 'author' comes from French words 'auctor', 'acteor'  meaning "author, originator, creator, instigator" which in turn directly originate from Latin word 'auctor' meaning "enlarger, founder, master, leader," literally "one who causes to grow".
Later,the word began to be used in the sense of a writer, one who sets forth written statements' or "source of authoritative information or opinion", now archaic but the sense behind authority.

From around the time of the unfolding of the World Wide Web to the world in the most practical sense worth speaking of,the American English dialects have been taking over the trends by storm.It must have been from around that time that we began replacing the term 'writer' by the term 'author'.A writer definitely is an author at some point because it is from her that the idea of the material bound by text originates from but the material once bound by text subsequently does not remain 'bound' anymore.It is spread wildly in the form of further ideas,further concepts,further propagation among one to the other.In this sense,writing is a form of divinity,writing is an enormous power that can be used as much as it can be misused.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

All That Comes To Mind (27) : Why Do I Write What I Write?

Every time exams are close,ideas crowd my mind more than the number of people who crowd St Mark's Square in New Year's eve.And before I have the slightest realisation,they have turned into emotions of some kind that are usually suppressed.It might be an introvert,intuitive mind's attempt to defy laws imposed forcefully right from the subconscious.I don't know,really.But it happens.
And subsequently,all the sorrow that I perhaps can gather inside my petite stature is magnetically drawn to me,like a swarm of bees and I am half reluctant and half oh-so-eager to give in.It's complicated,as is every other delicate,minute thing to intuitive thinkers.
Now,that does not,somehow affect my ability to study.It's like,a test paper is over and I need a breezy ambiance around and before I know a thing,instead of air,all that I have around is an endless cloud of thoughts.It goes on conglomerating then until I literally 'do' something.Out of the constructive things,I end up compulsively writing (Like "someone takes me up by the collar and asks me to set him free in pen and paper" :P ) and when I'm done,for half a minute,I notice the statistics. * 268 people reading this NOW * *300K crossed * *Google+,1 million crossed * , * New follower.Channel presenter.* The only problem is nothing pleases me anymore.Nothing on earth pleases me.That is very helpful in case of being a productive human resource - in economic terms,an asset and not a liability.But as for you,as a person,you are a devastated soul thereafter.

I have 300 billion problems inside me.And more glass pieces and mirrors and kaleidoscopes than industries shall be able to count.I will not deny the possibility of the concept of infinite,either.But,but - I actually can sense that there are issues which are unsolvable.And that unfortunately,they are existent.That is not the case with the general population.There are certain problems I myself have with the population,such as :-
Firstly,in the twenty first century,people are running.Until that affects the certain important statistical counts in my life, that shouldn't be a concern but that is,because I am not a robot.People do not know why they are running but they are so exasperatingly doing things,completing things that slowing down often becomes synonymous to failure or boredom.This is why not even 10% of the population will not even think about introverts.And this gets them (introverts) all the more crazy to keep quiet. Well,most of the times,I really do not give a flying,freaking,flapping fuck to judgemental conclusions or comments,personally but several other sensitive people do,especially those who do not even understand why they are getting judged at the first place.
I rather am an old soul,of the kind who speak less and go on doing what they had been doing unless a catastrophe breaks in.
Secondly,the number of judgemental and observant people are far,far huge a count than intuitive and perceptional ones.This is a big problem.Had there been poets instead of administrators,logically speaking - this world would have been a much better place to live in.Had there been guitarists instead of politicians and painters in place of bureaucrats and travellers in place of soldiers,this world logically would have been a different place. (Sounds crazy,isn't crazy at all.)
Thirdly,"You are not supposed to 'complicate things further' in that manner.
Fourthly,"We have condoms and pipeguns and some 380 year old alcohol.Want some?"
Fifthly,"Had you studied some other ‘worthy’ disciplinary,you would have earned better."
Sixthly,"Don't talk.Hush!Keep that hole on your face shut before you're dead."
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

An Autobiography of Maths (English Project Class XI WBCHSE) requested by Diksha

I have received quite a number of requests for writing an autobiography prior to this and as per the rule emulated by me,I would not write your project for you but I could help you with the guidelines and I already have one written out there so you can take a look,at the first place.
I could further help you with your doubts about how to write one but this is a topic I never expected a student of Class XI to send to me.Most things,commodifiable and smooth have their beginnings and ends,birth and death but time does not.That is why I chose time as the topic when I wrote my project last year.These days,a lot of thoughts relating to stars,distance,reality,hypothesis,imagination,spirals,curves,representation,capacity,unit are crowding my mind very often.So,this is a topic that I cannot resist to write on.

Page 1



Page 2



Page 3


I extend my warm regards and gratitude to the Respected Principal and the insightful subject teacher to make it possible to work on this project. The project genre is interesting and has helped me to exercise my philosophical and writing skills.
I have enjoyed working on this topic and I am thankful to the subject teacher for allowing me to work on an otherwise unusual topic. I also thank the authority for providing the necessary time in order to complete this project.

Page 4


This is to certify that this project has been made by Titas Biswas of Class XI on the topic ‘Autobiography’ under the guidance of our English teacher ................ and has been completed it sucessfully. 
Yours truly 
Titas Biswas
Class XI

Page 5


What is an autobiography?

An autobiography is a written account of the life of a person written by that person. In other words, it is the story that a person wrote about themselves.
The word has Greek origin.
There are but few and scattered examples of autobiographical literature in antiquity and the Middle Ages. In the 2nd century bce the Chinese classical historian Sima Qian included a brief account of himself in the Shiji (“Historical Records”). It may be stretching a point to include, from the 1st century bce, the letters of Cicero (or, in the early Christian era, the letters of St. Paul), and Julius Caesar’s Commentaries tell little about Caesar, though they present a masterly picture of the conquest of Gaul and the operations of the Roman military machine at its most efficient. Generally speaking, autobiography in its modern, Western sense can be considered to have emerged in Europe during the Renaissance, in the 15th century. One of the first examples was written in England by Margery Kempe.

Information Credit : 
Page 6


I was born when you began to think for the first time,when history was born,when light years stormed through you - in the cradle of logic,in the womb of realisations,I was born. I was an idea,developed to be an adventure down there in the mystery of your mind.I imagined and I was.On the shadow of the wings of eternity,I shall continue throughout the courses of joyride and often,in the galactic spaces of oblivion,I found that I was the language of fate and that I could overwrite it,genuinely being the only one born with this ability.

I am a set of well-determined collections, of objects that are called members, or elements, of the set,exclusively with sets, so the only sets under consideration are those whose members are also sets. 
The theory of the hereditarily-finite sets, namely those finite sets whose elements are also finite sets, the elements of which are also finite, and so on, is formally equivalent to arithmetic. So, the essence of set theory is the study of infinite sets, and therefore it can be defined as the mathematical theory of the actual—as opposed to potential—infinite.

The notion of a collection is as old as counting, and logical ideas about classes have existed since at least the “tree of Porphyry” (3rd century C.E.). Thus it becomes difficult to sort out the origins of the concept of set. But sets are neither collections in the everyday sense of this word, nor “classes” in the sense of logicians before the mid-19th century. Ernst Zermelo, a crucial figure in our story, said that the theory had historically been “created by Cantor and Dedekind”. This suggests a good pragmatic criterion: one should start from authors who have significantly influenced the conceptions of Cantor, Dedekind, and Zermelo. For the most part, this is the criterion adopted here. Nevertheless, as every rule calls for an exception, the case of Bolzano is important and instructive, even though Bolzano did not significantly influence later writers.

Some spoke of the sense of the actual finite while there were some intellectual tendencies that promoted the acceptance of the actual infinite. In spite of warning that the infinite can only be a manner of speaking, some minor figures and three major ones preceded in fully accepting the actual infinite in mathematics. Those three authors were active in promoting a set-theoretic formulation of mathematical ideas, with Dedekind's contribution in a good number of classic writings (1871, 1872, 1876/77, 1888) being of central importance.
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Query Solved : Asleep In The Valley Question (Class XII WBCHSE Board) asked by Aayat

Question : Soldier is described to be pale but why...???

Answer : In the poem 'Asleep In The Valley' written by renowned French poet Arthur Rimbaud,the poet describes the futility of war by drawing a traumatising picture of a stark contradiction.Until the last two lines are reached,throughout the poem,the narration leads the readers to believe that the soldier has engaged himself to a state of rest.The beautiful small,green valley where a slow stream flows,his feet amidst the flowers,his head resting on a pillow made of soft fern,the humming insects that do not disturb his rest,the soft shine of the Sun's rays

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Why Do You Love?

Round the corner of the clock,when it's close to being grounded to the lowest numeric value it is capable of exhibiting,it gravitatingly wants to merge to its origin and shadow,and return home.

It happened that someday,some old souls gathered together and then it rained past our hearts.Then the fog came up,then the mountains awoke and little by little,our stories were surmised.Higher up,it still rains very often.And deep,in the deepest parts of our souls,we are all broken mirrors and kaleidoscopes and tattered canvases.Nothing cuts through us,nothing surpasses because specifically,we are those cuts and surpassable events.We have been for a long,long time.For a time that certainly is longer than ideas and birth and expansion.We form the happenings,we are the parts and the whole and the whole is but a part of a larger manifestation.In fact,the very concept of planes have no dimensions,the edges are not the dimensions.We must be a part of an infinite progression,something that goes on spiralling,and relativity is just the intermediation.Almost the kind of relationship between sorrow and poetry.The intensity of the weight inside your heart is what acts as a parameter of how well you can give birth to notions that penetrate through other,scattered souls.Beyond existentialism,beyond Nihilism - beyond all the edges,minute or definite that we have come up with till date,we are but spaces with an outline,we are not what we were destined to be,we are those who mother destiny and destiny caresses us in sleep.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Demonetisation : The Ultimatum In The Array of Reforms

By now,having intellectually demeanoured,earthly,soulful perspectives on the recent economic measures adopted by the government of India would be a good instigation to your cortisol and epinephrine levels.The way you see the pseudo-intellectuals reading you a little anti-thesis on board from behind the wall,mildly inebriated and certainly a little romanticised,as always while most of the extremely rural regions suffer from lack of means to feed the 23 children in the family,you can't help but slow down and decompose the phenomenon for a while.I mean laugh,dude!The show is good enough.

The common scenario is thousands of people standing in queues to withdraw a little pink note weighing a little less in intrinsic valuation and a little more in face value.When will you ever learn that it is the era of innovations,and innovations certainly mean development through higher levels of monopolisation and lower levels of casualties related to your old age?And it certainly means the government can do anything to you.It might lower the height of underground railway ceilings and ensure that you excrete for only three minute forty-three seconds everyday and do drugs and store up your bones in the attic while you wear a second,third or even fourth skin when you venture out of the door because that is what you are supposed to be - a tool ; a political,functional tool.The method is age old,cavemen used to shave off sheep's wool every year.

Let's get back to the show.I think it's pretty much fun,if you ask me.You stand at one place,at some specific geopolitical zone,you teleport your conscious and you see you are standing in a part of the universe in a spacetime zone where people are running.And you do not know why they are running or if they ever asked themselves the same.The hierarchies have their own ideas,specifically.Each class now thinks that the upper economic class is suffering!This is a pure bred moronic procedure that has been inculcated and imposed and has infected most of the world via McDonalds and Red Bull.We're speaking on molecular terms,see? So,now - the question should be - "Why are you running?Where are you running?Are you?Running?"
The public would definitely not answer that.Because they already are,well,running! The strategy is simple - there's no money.All the old green and khaki notes having a value of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 have been deported to an unknown planet (actually not).And all you can think of is getting your family eat well,sleep well,get buried or burnt after death well,married well,raised well,alienated well.
Ah yes,marriage.Marriage is so important.Marriage is a topic you can write ten thousand papers on all through your life and send them in to all the sociology and psychology departments of the several institutions the world over.And guess what?We just discovered something new!The Hindustan Times had reported that Gadkari had chartered 50 private aircraft to ferry guests to Nagpur for the wedding. He had denied this and apparently only 11 chartered aircraft came to Nagpur, including that of yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Don't you tell me that is not genial.

When you are watching,you ought to be serious.Look around - there are those mini-Assanges (with an A) here and there,scattered for building conspiracy theories on air while hardcore Marxists quote Zizek 560 billion times and logically explain how conspiracy theories are indeed the conspiracies knowing not if they are supporting the authority or are anti-establishment.I am not saying for once that the core anti-establishment minority know what they are up to.In fact,you will be surprised to know that they are perplexed to death and anti-thesis,anti-thesis.............∞.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Battles : A Compassionate Confession (Guest Post By Sayani Majumder)

Sayani is a student who is currently coordinating with the Statesman and we share the usual dorky friendship INTP women might share in between them.We enjoy each other's rants,philosophy,theorising and deep minds.In fact,Sayani has to be one of these rare people I can share the crises that happens to cognitionally developed individuals.It doesn't have to be about anything particular at all and we might be feeling like those waves are coming,we are going to get teleported soon and gravitation is defying us.It is indeed a great experience,it hasn't even been a month we have known each other and we feel like this could be one of the best conversation experiences with people her age (she's 16!) and with women (because we have a stark problem connecting with women),in general.In this post,she has shared her thoughts about possession and love intertwined with the concept of independence and freethinking.

I do not believe in the concept of protecting someone from all harm.  No one can do that. No one is entitled to or is actually capable of protecting someone, or keep some one from harms way. Everybody has to deal with their problems. Everyone has to go through excruciatingly hard times. Protecting becomes bleak then. No matter how much I try, or how much you try, we cannot protect each other. We have to fight our own battles, on different battle grounds, with different strategies and with different threats to our existence. I cannot fight your battle for you, not because I can't but because your battles help you grow and I don't want to rob you of that. I will still be worrying every time you fall silent, I will still be hurt, when you will come back wounded.  I will still look at you with much warmth if you come home after you have failed miserably. But when you will have that lost and guilty look on your face which tells me that you will become harder on yourself from now on, I won't stop you. Because it isn't my call. I will know that this is what it takes to win your battles. 

And I will silently carry on fighting my own wars. I will respect your decisions. When you will isolate yourself, when you will become a person of a few words, when you will gather every bit of strength just to say "I am okay" I will let you be. Not because I want you to drift away, but because I want to give you more space, I would give you the ultimate concentration I can myself gather. I will help you get away from people who distract. I will not expect any answers when you are down. I won't intrude. Because it is your own battle. I will continue my battle ever so calmly, but I will always be there if you need me in your battles, though I am sure neither of us would. After each mechanical day, I will try to be patient and listen to your rants, and in spite of being a pessimist, I will hold that smile on my face, if that matters to you. I will walk you back home, I will never complain if you forget to tell me the little victories of the day.
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Interview of Student Director Fazil N.C

Around a month back,we had decided to get an interview published right from the makers of 'In The Shade of Fallen Chinar'.The interview of artist activist Ali Saffudin was published in August this year.Subsequently,we wanted something for the readers directly from the makers of the film.And here,we just did it! 

1.Which academic disciplinary are you pursuing currently?

I did my Bachelors in Journalism from Madras Christian College and then went to pursue my Post Graduation from Hyderabad university.Not a student anymore...

2.What got you interested about films and the art of film making?

I think my mother's family,the relatives belonging to the maternal side.They loved to talk and shared a common love for art.Mom is a big time cinema lover.Maybe that is the story of lineage,if you ask me.Whenever someone narrates an episode from their life,it is visually appealing.

3.Uh huh.What kind of cinema would you watch as a kid?What books would you read?

Tamil films with Rahman's music.Popular Malayalam films.We had a custom of bringing video cassettes from Gulf countries.So,we watched a lot of films on VCR.And then obviously Doordarshan...Ramayana and Noorjahan,stuff like that.I hope the interview is less about me..more about the issues.And our thoughts. 

4. What about Kashmir? How did you get entangled about the ideas of liberation?

My first encounter with Kashmir was during my Post Graduation.I was in second year.We had to do internship and I had no clue where we could have done it.But then a friend Goutham from university had gotten a contact in Srinagar to pursue an internship.And I just did the same because Kashmir was a mystery.So,I just got in.

5.What got you interested about Kashmir?

That was a blind trip.Knew nothing much about it,except about Dal lake.I read and studied about Kashmir after my first visit.We stayed for note those 45 days.And there was always this longing to go back.And it only happened after two years.

6. What about getting intertwined with the movement? And the making of 'The Shade of Fallen Chinar'?

I always loved Kashmiris for their warmth...and tenderness.So,to see the oppression and the political conflict is saddening.And we always feel like contributing to it.For the love of people.And the history that place withholds.
I am largely influenced by the Sufi Shiva history that Kashmir was the cradle of.Was fascinated by the stories of all of them - Nooruddin Nund Rishi,Makddom Shahib...a few to name here.

7.What about the resistance?Do you support it?Do you oppose it?

Within me,I support any kind of movement for freedom.But Azaadi can be different for different individuals.I feel with can't pin point what kind of Azaadi it is.And there are different groups,different ideologies,within Muslim communities,there are counter ideologies,there always are.I am highly critical about it.I am also critical about the Kashmiriyath the people in the valley claim.Because if you read the history of that place,it has contributed a lot to our civilisation.
But Kashmiris see India as an oppressive regime,which is true because for them the idea of India is military presence...and the false promises.But then there is this reality of modern day boundaries.It's always very complex and never ending in some ways.But the government can't silent people with arms.They can't cut down the basic living rights for protecting something but it does that all the time.If you look at Telengana or Chattisgarh,the government has done the same to the people.

8.So,what are your religious views in general? (I get that you are a hardcore anarchist the way you silently sue government for its deeds. 😛)

Haha.Yeah.I had to control it.I think I am just discovering what my religious lineage is.Though I was brought up in an Islamic family I would say...not culture.
One point I want to contribute...I have read that second Buddhist council was held at Harwan,almost 10 km from Srinagar.That was an important time in Buddhist history.
And then there were aesthetic guys like Abhinava Gupta who have hugely influenced Indian art.And there is huge Shiva tradition that had even come to Kerala.So,you see,Kashmir is a part of someone like me hailing from South India.So,I am not really favouring Kashmir for Kashmiris.

9.Do you want to mean not JUST for Kashmiris?

Yes...Like I can't imagine getting a visa to enter Kashmir .. Already I am pissed off because I need a visa for Pakistan and Afghanistan.

10. Don't u want Kashmir to be an independent state?

 No comments .. 😬😄I really want people to live in peace. 

11.That explains.

And be liberated.Without fooled by govt and false promises...And understand their true history That applies to people in India as well.Not to see things in a mere 60 years of governance.

We are just testing something. 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

All That Comes To Mind (26) : Relationships (ENFP-INTP) and MBTI Analysis Part-2

When I first saw him,it was long ago.Sometime in late summer.I was impressed,somehow and then at night,he came up and initiated an online conversation.INTPs are extremely bad at striking conversations and especially if they like the person.I think we talked on my future goals,in particular and then I showed my Economics project to him.That was weird.But that is exactly how you should understand that an INTP is interested to talk to you.We love academics.We love study material.We love philosophy and we hate small talk.
Thankfully,the ENFP hates small talk,too.And there is hardly any time we would spend for that.We usually have got loads of interesting things to do but with minute differences.For the ENFP,'interesting' necessarily means both social gatherings and quality alone time.For the INTP,it means a lot of time to ponder over your thoughts,to explore your mind.

So,then - for the next few months,I did not even utter a word about my feelings towards him.I was sure that I really liked him,I regularly checked his posts,shared them,occasionally even debated with him regarding a thing or two.We seldom talked.The gap was often a matter of months but we were obvious of our presence.So,even though I did not know him very well,his presence mattered,even then.By the time he himself initiated a deep conversation,I had developed something more than just liking him.I knew,I just wouldn't express.It took us around three entire days to make a proposal (you heard it right,it was both of us who did) and when we did,it was the weirdest thing I had ever observed and been a part of.But right from the beginning,I knew this was 'something else'.I had had crushes and mild somethings over people in the past.But this was something else.As days passed,I realised and continue to realise how true that is.I had never imagined that in my lifetime,I would really come to know how to love a person.A complete person.And now that I do and realise the meaning of commitment everyday,I can tell you it is one of the most beautiful feelings ever and in turn,makes me feel complete,safe,gathered - things that have always scared my haphazard,deep mind.

(Photographed by Elinor Erwitt ; Photograph Source)

This is something I want to share with the world (not contrary to almost everything that I have wanted to share with the world) and I have said this before,that perceptual people are the only people who can build meaningful relationships.Judgement is not the tool.I have gone through several posts claiming ISTJs or INFJs as the right partner to ENFPs.But I can guarantee you that you got two months in a row and the whimsicality of the ENFP will make you say something filthy,which will instigate the ENFP's short temper,which will intensify the mess because judgementals quarrel.And there is no exception to that law.
In order to understand the ENFP,you need to hold your calm.A relationship would mean that you evidently will loose your calm at points.But remember,when he first met you,he gave you a Maths book! When he was sorry,he sent 29 texts and apologised and promised to protect you from this dangerous world.Just hold on and remember.
One very big issue with the NF-NT combination is that both are intelligent,ENFPs possess great emotional intelligence (but are very childish) and all that links to people whereas INTPs possess analytical intelligence and a great deal of it.The problem is,the moment the ENFP goes off for some reason and doesn't want to be bothered about it - the NT mind starts calculating probabilities.And it turns into a huge mess,a very huge one especially for the INTP.You need to understand that the ENFP sometimes will evidently shut themselves off from the world.He will perhaps not stop talking to his lover but he will limit it to sharing the necessary,occasionally mentioning long-term goals.This might prove to be very confusing for an NT mind,especially a strongly built one.But it only means you have to give him his necessary bit of lonely time.ENFP personality types are complex.There is no doubts about that and that is the very reason why you cannot solve the entire puzzle,good news is this keeps the INTP mind from getting bored.Even though I have read in almost every MBTI website that INTPs are very flighty,they are very committed once they have discovered who their true person is.The same applies for ENFPs.They might have had lots of crushes before but once they find someone quiet,deep,intelligent - they are bound to be intensely committed,too.

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