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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Personal Note To All The Readers of The Blog

I am in the mood of continuously writing about Bryan Adams,quite possibly the way he sings ; the voice,the life and the instrumentals.I am so in love with these attributes.But here comes what I need to do right now - write this post on such a personal,secret topic.

 Regarding Advertisements/Affiliation and Ideology

I know I sound totally weird for I never write like that,isn't it?And everybody has to believe another thing - I never will.Nothing,ever,for any reason will never compromise with the ideology mentioned.There are a few things I had mentioned when I first started blogging.I wrote about my worries,I wrote about my ideals,I wrote about Stalin and Trotsky and I wrote multiple times on Wish You Were Here.But that was it.I never preferred to go with the main stream popular culture in any way,by any means.And I still do not,I never will.Remember my first post in this blog titled 'Varying Perspectives'?(In case you don't you can take a look,I have provided the link.)I had promised I would never permit advertising of any sorts and I did not do it and you can be assured that I never will.If you are thinking about IOPS,then let me help you. IOPS is a mass programme for organising left wing and centre-left organisations in a big-tent approach.I have featured them on my blog sincerely never meant any sorts of advertising.Moreover,there is no money business involved,its the ideology that counts for me,not the amount handed in or if any amount is handed in the process of our struggle.There are so many members in IOPS I get so much support from that I can clearly say in my fifteen year old life I had never got so much ideological enrichment from anywhere else.I am personally involved and I would like other people to do so for our collective aim will always be the same - social revolution.

Regarding My Personal Life (For people who personally know me and are reading this blog)

Recently,I have been listening to a lot of fuss if people who personally know me are reading this blog.To get started,another thing I have repeated several times on the blog that this blog was a space for me to convey a lot of my thoughts because I am so introvert,I could and can hardly convey all my thoughts to real life people.Moreover,I do not find the proper company most of the times.If anyone of you know me and are reading this blog,I do not have any trouble with it,but stop spreading bogus gossips that were never written and would never even get me intrigued enough to write.I write only when I am passionate about the topic and forget passion,I am not even interested in going with the popular culture,I am making this very,very clear today.I have kept a lot of my personal thoughts and a lot of life,however irrespective of any individual person and I do not want anyone to make illogical (and rather funny) gossips about something I consider to have and impart knowledge, quality,enrichment and ideals.I have other ways of defending The Perspectives/myself which I will hope I will not be compelled to follow.
For readers who are not making such bogus,stupid gossips,I do not have a problem.And I am glad and so thankful that people are getting intrigued to read content out of here.

The Resemblance and The Meaning

This blog is so valuable to me that I cannot express it in words.I love the word 'Perspectives'.I love that I am a part,be how small it is,of what I actually want to be.I am glad I can convey and I am glad about the passion.I am glad about the time I spend here and the company of my keyboard with my fingertips.I love it all.There is no artificiality in this.There are no differences with the ideals written about here and those that I have in my mind.The subjects I write about here are those subjects I love and I am passionate about.There is true love in everything I do here and I mean every word of it.The Perspectives doesn't even know the support it gives me,the way it gives me a space to breathe and incites the attributes I want to be incited in my life.
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