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Sunday, October 5, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (10)

Good Evening,everyone.I hope you all are having a nice time.This entire week has been a very hard working time for me.I have read a lot of things that I normally don't get time to read in my everyday schedule.I have been reading (yet to complete) Simone de Beauvoir's 'The Second Sex' that you can read online at The Marxist's Online Archive here.The book is very bold in approach and I have mostly liked it,excluding a few parts where I felt it was a bit discriminating.
A few days ago,I had watched a very moving,emotionally appealing,brave movie by a Vietnamese Director Charlie Nguyen regarding;or rather in defense of the Vietnamese Revolution - 'The Rebel'.Movies regarding any political uprising/revolution is not supposed to be too artistic,but the movie was a success from almost every side possible.

'The Rebel' Movie Cover

'The Rebel' Movie Cover

I have been listening to The Final Cut and truly,it is one of the best albums Pink Floyd has ever come up with.I have started putting the songs in my Dropbox.So,from now you will not only be able to read reviews,but also download or listen to the songs from here,directly.

The Final Cut by Pink Floyd

To be honest,by this time,I am really very tired of all the work I have done through the day.I had to do the long awaited work on Occupy Wall Street before posting Fred's guest post on The Perspectives.My hands are aching by this time and I have never felt as exasperated before just by doing blog work (I also had to finish an English Project today.).I will have to return to my daily study routine by tomorrow.
Also,I am getting out for a trip to the Sunderbans National Park and I will be unable to be active in the blog until 14th October.I will be sure to bring the photographs along with me and post them as soon as I get here.I have not done Photography posts for days.

Have a good time.Have Perspectives.

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