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Friday, December 5, 2014

All That Comes To Mind (12)

 I have watched The Reluctant Fundamentalist completely on 28th November,having only little knowledge about it earlier,as I had watched only traces and a few scenes before.This is the first time I watched the whole story,"not just in bits and pieces."
If I have to give my verdict before I review the movie (which I am going to do within a few days),I would not say I have loved it entirely. The basic motive of getting rid of discrimination and stereotypes towards Muslims was perfect but the little yet evident presence of conservative approach towards the Americans,especially the CIA was something I honestly did not like.
The performance of Rizwan Ahmed as Changeaz Khan was beyond perfection and I am so definitely impressed by how well the Oxford University pass out performed. From his Urdu accent to his expression during every single scene of the movie deserves praise.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist (A film by Mira Nair)

The Original Book Written by Moshin Ahmed

A scene from the movie

The particular scene shown above was after Changeaz was searched in an inhuman manner at an American airport by the civil forces present there and this perhaps depicted that every attribute of the behaviour of the common American people towards the common Muslims alive.He could almost visualise himself indulged in he context of the explosion,as if everything around determined this one judgement : an aspiring economic analyst was a dreaded criminal,as if someone who had to be intricately involved with the terrorists.

The movie has been cast well and their is presence of radical elements,one I can remember Changeaz saying Bobby about "A xenophobic America" and I could not have expressed in a thousand sentences what those three words in a go seemed to be able to express.

I have been searching a little about Urdu poetry after I listened to two songs I loved from the movie - 'Meri Araj Suno' by Atif Aslam and 'Bol' by Atif Aslam and Peter Gabriel. 'Bol' literally means 'Speak' and the original poetry has been composed by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. I love the last four lines of the poem and the tune of both the songs and the lyrics for both are amazingly revolutionary,bold and beautiful at the same time.

The director has done a brave job,though I would say I still do not the like the traces of conservatism present in the movie.

Except from the movie,I have been studying a lot lately,as circumstances are getting hugely pressurising and will continue to do so for some time from now.I am trying to cut off speaking about Economics beyond syllabus and stop reading Social Science except what is written in the text books and its surely tough.

Wish you all are having a great time and exploring the world through creative approaches.Movie review is coming soon.

Disclaimer - The photographs featured do not belong to me.
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