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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

American Popular Culture Inspired Verbal Abuse : Trending Now ?

Let me start with a personal experience (which is of course not singular in number). I have had multiple debates on the cyber world since 2013,the year when I started writing this blog. I have heard capitalist perverts claiming a lot of things about socialists,capitalist and so-called feminists (not feminists in particular,capitalist 'feminists') attack you back with abusive terms,which are primarily intolerable in the sense that they often involve colloquial sexual terms,the very popular f word and terms that violate the concept of civilisation when spelt (of course it involves those that I have not even heard of previously).
Unfortunately,I had a heated debate with Bhaskar,one of the authors at Muktomona (Yes,the blog that was started by Avijit Roy,whom I respect a lot for his brave work.) who of course,started diagnosing sharing your own views as 'megalomania'.
Okay,that has not got to do much with popular culture.But in the next line of the comment,he has passed his verdict on my mind in one word : kinky. Now,that violates every other concept of minimum courtesy as it is a sexual term,a colloquial,sexual term that signifies unconventional sexual concepts.And this behaviour is not new.

I am not sure why a Bangladeshi or an Indian or a Korean or a Cuban or a Portuguese would even like to think he is American! Even if that is so,they can do it,this is a free world.And they can be inspired from folk culture,high society culture,teen culture,popular culture or whatever they wish to but nobody is allowed to verbally abuse (and that too on sexual grounds) someone who is debating absolutely on politics.

To say it simply,it is so cheap to call someone 'gay' or 'lesbian' or 'homosexual' or 'heterosexual' without knowing anything about them simply because they do not agree with your own opinions.In this approach,it was just a better (or worse?) way to tell this in the sentence "You cannot hide your kinky mind behind the photograph of an innocent looking girl. Grow up man (or girl or whatever you are)."
I never even said what he has claimed that I have and I have never had the approach of an absolutist terming "I am right,you are wrong" but it certainly was not You are right,I am wrong and I expect people to have this much presence of mind that usually someone who is on the other end of the line does not answer with such verses.
Of course I am not megalomaniac but of course I am not you and thank heavens that I am not.Now,in case you are going to ask questions on the scientific truth of the existence of heaven,I can say thank this planet and the environment I am blessed with. Moreover,the things commented do have no empirical certainty or proof and are mostly baseless,just to align 
anti-Islamic viewpoints with that of the state machinery of the United States of America and it's capitalist approaches.
I do not know if (absolute) atheists think they are too advanced human beings,live on a different planet and are the bravest of all in this race.But it is nothing of that sort.Of course they are brave but they live on this planet and are absolutists,after all.Who knows who the real megalomaniac is!

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    1. Thank You for reading.But please do not provide such spam links or try to advertise on this blog.This is definitely not the platform for advertising or making money with the corporate world.

  2. I was   about   to   say   something   on this   topic.   But   now   i   can see   that   everything   on   this   topic is   very amazing and mind   blowing,   so   i   have   nothing to   say   here.   I   am   just   going   through   all   the   topics   and being   appreciated.   Thanks   for sharing.     

    1. Thank You Alexandra,glad that you liked the post.People (and especially women) have to protest against people of this kind.


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