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Monday, June 22, 2015

All That Come To Mind (16)

It was summer solstice on 21st June (this Sunday) and of course,I did not remember that it was.It was only when I observed there was bright sunlight even after 06:00 p.m and the entire sky was playing with colours,creating enormousness in imaginations of mountains,quaint and elegant,seas,deep and quiet and ultimately aurora borealis and sparks and light and fire!
That's when the thought struck me that it must have been summer solstice that day and I rushed down only to find out the camera had no charge in it and the only option was left was a cell phone's camera.I clicked whatever I could and am posting a few of them on the blog today.However,it was a truly satisfying business for me watching myself stand straight under the sky and watch the lights and intensify my own philosophical senses,without drawing from whatever negative had happened.In fact,I still have all that was positive in mind and I could almost read my letters when I looked up but I was semi-realistic and had at least enough sense to understand what was wrong,right and the notions imparted around me through time!
And there was the moon and the sunlight in one of its best forms,in that of hope and two stars were close to the moon to only broaden the horizons of light and of faith,in this world,right at the rooftop seemed like there was a different universe and a world within worlds,a world defying worlds......

When The Sky Awakened,for the second time......

"On The Wings of the" eve......

Close to nest.....or indulged in flight?

Tales in scarlet

Silhouette! (My favourite mode of photography)

And still watching the moon......

On a totally different note,I accidentally discovered 'The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey' in the C drive of my Laptop.Now,I am not a big fan of fantasy,in fact,not a fan at all,keeping in mind the huge amount of realistic attributes I have to deal with,both in academics and blog life and I honestly do not know where it came from - this was truly unexpected!I accidentally (and really accidentally) have watched only a dialogue on TV once,when Gandalf said a quotation on courage and life but except for that,I do not know a single thing about the story line.I had only the pre-acquired knowledge that they involve wizards and  dwarfes!Wonder if I myself have gone totally crazy.

About music,I have been listening to Paul Robeson's Old Man River and it is one of those amazing classic songs you get to hear in a while.I actually intend to write a long article on the Civil Rights Movement and the current condition of African Americans but I just am running short of time.

(Unfortunately do not remember the photograph source)

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