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Friday, July 24, 2015

All That Comes To Mind (18)

I have been upto only work lately,so you think the content of this post is going to be plain boring and uninteresting?Nope.That is because schedule is exactly what I want a break from.I am tired of the heck of the business I am having to take on my shoulders and am constantly on the search for intellectual comfort,spiritual and mental peace (the latter of which I know I have no chance of acquiring).
I have been invited by local activists here in Balurghat to attend a lecture on Social Media on Sunday and I think that is going to be a turning point that leads to a little thrill within my super hectic schedule.As per as the invitation card,special guests include 
Santwan Chattopadhyay (Professor at Jadavpur University in the Department of Adult, Continuing Education & Extension) and Russel Aziz (Research Scholar at Geoinformatics at IIT Kharagpur). I certainly am excited about this!
I have been listening to Tagore songs for quite a while now and right now I have a particular song on Repeat for a few days and I am getting to love it thoroughly.
I have a lot of things in my mind to work on but I am not getting time and often not getting enough time for even mentioning that I am not getting time in real.I have no chance of doing photography right now,so no new and original photographs in this post.
Have been reading only text and reference books for a while,so no interesting books either.
About movies,I watched the last scene of The Blind Side for the umpteenth time (as my eyes were filled up to the brim,as usual.Oh Michael,Michael......the last moment would really incite everyone in the world for One Mississippi!)I actually have watched A Dry White Season,A Time To Kill,a part of Mississippi Burning and The Blind Side among movies that radically speaks about white domination in the United States.And to mention the truth,I have complaints about none,not even 'A Time To Kill' because I believe such things happen in the United States and are often suppressed and murders related to racial discrimination? They have become common phenomena in the States!And yes,Barack Obama?I think he has been forbidden his share of time to look into the mirror!
Do watch at least one of the movies mentioned,if it is not possible to watch them all.Mississippi Burning is mostly shot like a documentary but I would love to watch the full movie since I have full information about the movement and not to mention,the subsequent murders of the young boys.

Another fantastic movie I had watched this season (somewhere in late May) is 'I Am Sam' starring Sean Penn,Michelle Pfeiffer and Dakota Fanning as main characters.The entire movie had relations to several songs from The Beatles and Dakota's character in the movie was named 'Lucy Diamond' .You see,the girl with kaleidoscope eyes,Lucy in the sky with Diamonds! ;) 

It is a must watch for everyone and you are bound to get emotional or shaky at least somewhere within the movie.Loved this treat!Loved Sean Penn's performance to the power infinity,Dakota was amazing as well.Do watch this because if you don't,you'll certainly miss something in your life.

I will be posting how the public lecture truly fares by next weekend but as per as I can guess,it is going to be a pleasure.I have been going through verdicts upon social media by the state intelligentsia and the intelligentsia against the state from various sources.Hopefully,I will be able to write a constructive article on this topic.
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