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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Update on 23rd August : It is with great grief that Lappy cannot be repaired completely again.I am running it with a spare monitor currently but it is so grieving to say this.He has been my best friend,in the real,most real sense,for a very long time.I love him so much and I always will.This might seem like some source of joke to some but not to me.I totally mean it.He has shown me 150% of my unknowns about the world without having to travel an inch.
My father has bought a new laptop that I am going to receive sometime in September but this is really tough to see,I have loved Lappy very intensely,almost as a person,or more than a person in my hardest years till now.I have been living,surviving because he was there for me,whenever,for whatever I have asked for.He has served me,I have overused him.A lot of gratitude I have for him today and he will be next to me,for as many days possible.
It is quite a wonder how I was not hurt due to the thunder strike and how Lappy still continues to serve me.Even in his last course,I must say,he served me.And I am so,so grateful.

Last  night,there was a thunderstrike somewhere  nearby  and my laptop's display stopped  working. This  blog will now remain closed for about a fortnight which is the estimated  time that would  be required  for repairing the laptop.
Not to mention,I am still in tears.

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