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Thursday, September 10, 2015

All That Comes To Mind (23) : A Feverish Instinct!

Ah yes,I have been suffering from a viral fever since day before yesterday.I have a few fond memories with fever.Something like 'Biswasghatak' (The Traitor) which is one of my all time favourite books from my favourite author,'Wish You Were Here',Exam Phobia,subsequent satisfying results,birth of The Perspectives,Lights off,Rainy night,teardrops,A lot of Political Science,Depressive symptoms,Nazim Hikmet,Turkey,Red,'Ideologia'......hollow winds.
The first time when I started writing was after being so inspired by the book I just mentioned.I was at home,sick of tension about Class IX exam results and as per as I remember,quite feverish.
Last night I was listening to Joan Baez favourites and then I felt like the ceiling was disappearing,right in front of me and I could watch the sky......higher up,even higher,until I could see galaxies and walk the way,within,beyond.The rest of it was tougher,in a practical way.I woke up at about 02:30 a.m and ended up feeling very restless.Don't know why but a I could feel my head trying to solve G.P series problems and repeat 'Bernie Sanders'.So,that's what I did after that : I searched for 'Bernie Sanders' and found out that he had been beating Hilary Clinton at the Iowa elections! Then I tried to read if Sanders was an orthodox Jewish and supported Netanyahu and for the first time found out that he has been criticising Netanyahu,rejecting TPP,calling it 'the dirtiest trade deal' and voted for a 'No' as Senator of the state of Vermont.I think he deserves a chance.More than backbone-less people like Barack Obama.This is the first time I can feel a little thrill inside me about the US elections.Oh pity on Clinton!
And then I read about Limit in Calculus and Issac Newton and Gottfried Wihelm Leibniz and Maria Gaetana Agnesi.I slept until morning and then woke up and read about Propaganda Model and a few other things related to Noam Chomsky and wondered what I could ask this genius man if I ever got a chance to ask him anything.I would not even be able to memorise at a go the huge,vivid extent of work he has done until now.Also,I read about Nicaragua,
Iran-Contra Scandal,Reagan and his extremely inhumane methods,Afghanistan War and WikiLeaks and I slept a little more.

Now I am going to practise Limit problems and then a little co-ordinate geometry.But I have something going on in my mind from a poem by Nazim Hikmet 

"I love you 
like dipping bread into salt and eating 
Like waking up at night with high fever 
and drinking water, with the tap in my mouth "

I have these lines in mind every single time I suffer from fever.And right now is no exception.I somehow enjoy the intoxicating effect fever has on people.It might be strange but I really like it.Not that I love to experience this,I had to miss school today but you know,every coin has its two different sides and there is something positive in each.
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