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For any questions regarding any educational topic associated with Social Sciences,Logic problems or Literature,you can mail me at - 
If you want me to help you with a problem (such as note making or summarising,synopsising a particular text ; or explaining the Falklands War in details,I am glad to announce that this blog is user friendly and I write on-request posts for free!)
or post it in the comments section of a specific (topic related) post instead.I will get back to you within 1-2 days.

You can also leave me a message on Google Plus here - +Titas Biswas or use the contact form given above instead.

 Write For The Perspectives!

If you want to author an article,you have to send it to the email address given above and it has to be a clean,concise,well-written article on any of the topics the blog engages on and interests you at the same time.Articles from students aged less than 18 will not be accepted,unless proven to have exceptional genius through the written work.

Advertising/Commercialisation Policy

Advertising and Related Issues - Kindly e-mail all your queries at titassparkles@gmail.com
Blog Connections/Freelancing/Authorship Policy

I am a member of the respectable platform IOPS (International Organisation For a Participatory Society) which has over 2500+ members from 90 countries across the world.The project includes people like Noam Chomsky at the highest level.I am not paid by IOPS for featuring important links/sharing articles or my views on the same.This is a personal initiative to steer forward of a group of amazingly thoughtful,intelligent and sensible people who are vocal about state terrorism.

I also co-ordinate posts from War on Want and though I have received requests to specifically share posts on Facebook as a 'valued War on Want supporter',I am not a paid affilitate but an activist promoting posts for satisfying my own conscience and for activism's own sake.
Also,launched very recently is 'The Ethical Shop',which is an initiative by War on Want to help them do some fundraising for the causes they work so hard for.I advertise for the same,however this is not the usual website affiliate business.

I receive (non-commercial) press release  e-mails from an almost regular basis from famous Spanish Political Blog B├║scame en el ciclo de la vida.

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