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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Interview of Irish Singer George Murphy

A few days back,I had the wonderful chance of interviewing Irish singer and musician George Murphy.It was the first voice over interview I had the chance to conduct and it went absolutely fantastic!Here it is now.Hope you enjoy going through. 😄

1.You generally sing country songs,Celtic folk songs,don't you wish to sing some more pop in future,as well?

It is true that I do sing country songs but most of them are acquainted with a lot of songs that you can include in the category of pop.I really love the country side of music,in the broader sense 

2.The Irish culture is reflected so well in the songs - you can almost visualise the landscaping,the serene beauty in the poetry of these songs.Do young musicians wish to carry this beautiful tradition in their poetry,in their music?

Uh Yes,there are young musicians who reflect the Irish culture amidst their songs,of course there are.There are poets,too.If you listen to the younger generation of Irish musicians,you will find musicians working for making music and musicians who copy the American and basically the Western pop culture.
There are these "artists" like Britney Spears and Rihanna that they are trying to copy,trying to immitate.And that definitely does not help.

3.So,let me ask something very frank. Do you think people like Britney Spears and Rihanna are making any music at all?

No,I do not think so.They are basically pornographing all over and are more interested to show themselves off,expose their bodies than creating some real music.Of course I do not find that they are making music.That they are earning millions of dollars doesn't prove that they are making real music.
I think Adele is an exception.Not that she makes music that is considerably out of the box or would extend their appeal over generations to come but she is interested in creating music rather than exposing her body or sexuality.

4.Raglan Road,30th Anniversary Tribute to Luke Kelly is a beautiful track.You've done an amazing job singing as always and the cinematography is well done,too.Should we hope to see some more music videos in future?

Yes,definitely more music videos are coming up soon.Do stay tuned!
Raglan Road was a tribute,yes,to the man for whom I am what I am today.I was seventeen when I first sang one of his songs for an audition to a reality show - and there they were,the critiques ; they compared that to the original version and opportunities came my way.I went on to record songs and even worked with his band.

5.Who are your favourite musicians?Any particular Irish musicians?

If you ask that way,in case of country music - it is like The Dubliners.I actually do not have favourites depending on some particular geography.I love Bob Dylan,The Beatles,Leonard Cohen,The Doors,'60s progressives.I loved a particular band called Aslan,which came up at that very time when YouTube was first developed.So,people thought it was going to be a hit just like YouTube but that did not happen and they never went on to become that famous.But yes,I did love some of their work very much.

6.What would like to comment on Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature this year?

Oh,this is really awesome.I think he got the Nobel Prize for poetry and for the legend he is,he totally deserved this.There were people in the Nobel Committee who would hate to award Dylan the prize and who compared his work to nursery rhymes prior to this.The Nobel Prize is thus an answer.Dylan being awarded that is one of the most wonderful things that has happened lately.

7.How about Leonard Cohen?

I think both Dylan and Cohen were great,great poets.I have never been a very big fan of their music,there's nothing very special abut the melody or instrumentals but so as to speak of lyrics,I am speechless.

8.Whom would you choose if you had to pick between The Beatles and Pink Floyd?

Uh...The Beatles.I think people embracing genres relating to Hard Rock would love Pink Floyd much more but as for me,I really love the Beatles.I think all of the members were great musicians and they were great singers as well,not to forget the lovely instrumentals.

9.How do you like to spend your time when you're not singing? Would you like to share something about your hobbies with us?

I actually think that I am a very sporty person.When I am not singing,I watch a lot of football.I play football,have played it ever since when I was a kid.

10.May I ask you something political? Something a little unconnected from music?

Yeah,sure.Why not?

11. What are your political views in the larger context? Are you an anarchist like every artist is,(as a fellow author puts it)?

I have never given the latter a thought - I,I am not a very politically literate person.I do not know what I am.But I find the communist ideology - the notion of equality quite worthy.That there would be people who would live off happy lives as billionaires while others die on the streets is definitely not acceptable.

12.What are your views on the Brexit issue?

I do not have many perspectives on Brexit. England had an ongoing tussle with the EU and then all of a sudden they decided to quit.The economy of Ireland and Scotland are associated with the well being of the economy of England but this has not resulted in something very big and bothersome yet,though I feel like it might,in near future.

13.What about the homeless crisis that is taking a significant form of a disaster currently in Ireland?

The government is doing things.I am not sure if they are doing as much as they can but they are definitely trying to work it out,build new homes,relocate the people on the streets.I hope the situation gets better in near future.

14.There are a lot of similarities the Indian freedom struggle shares with the Irish freedom struggle.How about the Irish youth? Do they remember?

Of course they do.Now,there are certainly are people belonging to this generation who adore the western pop culture but there still are people who value the Irish tradition.That the fight is still remembered does not mean that they hold a grudge towards the British or I hold a grudge over them.I would simply have no problems in interacting with,being friends with a British.But I am a patriot and I,like many belonging to this country respect its values and the brave people who laid their lives for a dream.A collective dream.
The peace treaty was signed because we were very small in number,more and more people - poor people,women and children were dying.Something just had to be done.We do respect these values.

15.Is there a message you would like to leave for all aspiring Gen Y musicians the world over?

I would just tell them to hold on to their dreams.This world is not easy and especially not so for artists and for people who aspire to become one someday.But no matter what,you have to have faith in yourself and your music.Only that can be key to your victory.

Me : Since you had been exerting emphasis on '17',17 was when you first sang on a reality show,it was when you embarked on your musical journey,I would love to share that is what my age is.

Also,your article on Bob Dylan was amazing.I don't believe that you are just 17.I usually do not consent interviews,the only reason I did was that article I had read.Great job with the blog!😊

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