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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Query Solved : English Project for Class 12 (WBCHSE Board) asked by Soumik

"Query : I want a english project for class 12 but i dont know which project to do.

Hi Soumik,
There are four options available for English Project in Class XII.However,the project this year would be of far more importance than the last because this is going to get scrutinised by the examiners appointed by West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE). 

The options that you might opt for are :-
2.Film/Theatre Script
3.Indianisation of a Novel

If you want to do something really autonomous,absolutely independent - the film/theatre script recommended (either one of the two,that is) but if you are looking for a guided job instead,I will recommend the Indianisation project which however,is not something I would look forward to or even advise students to do so.

I would suggest to avoid the first option because all the project guide books also seem to be pretty much confused about what "dramatisation" is about.
The film/theatre script writing is a challenging job and it makes things all the more fun.If you are imaginative and interested enough,this can turn out to be a very well done project.

I have posted two different film scripts meant for Class XII English Project this year.
'The Copper Verse' is a bold,understandable,crisp clear kind of project with an easy storyline.
'Dilemma' is a more meditative,narrative,European slow cinema oriented script.
You might use these as resources or for drawing guidance to make your own project.
Regards and best wishes for your upcoming exams,

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